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November 19 2010

'Joss Whedon: Conversations' now available for pre-order on Amazon. The first volume in the University Press of Mississippi's "Television Conversations" series collects a number of Joss' past interviews for reading pleasure.

Check out the book's webpage for the cover image and contents list: Joss Whedon: Conversations.

Since I've been looking for older Joss interviews only recently, I will probably buy it.

I like the academic awareness of his work :-)
Most of the interviews in this book are available online free of charge. I collected links here.
I have pre-ordered it, because I know I will want it (I already want it!).
Thanks for the links, Pointy!
Yeah, Pointy and I went back and forth on this a while back when the prof stated he was coming out with this book. I'M still going to buy mine as well.
My pleasure, Emmie!
I'm still interested to know if they managed to get permissions to actually publish these interviews.
I would imagine they would have to.
Well, it's not unheard of for a publication not to get permission. Cooks Source magazine just shut down because of a "the Internet is all in the public domain" content theft debacle about which it remained unapologetic right up until the end.

Which is not to say anything of the kind happened here. Just to say that the question is particularly valid given recent events.

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Don't think there was anything definitive in the last thread on the permissions subject (it certainly came up) but I do remember (thanks to Google/the archive) that a contributer (i.e. one of the interviewers) responded to the question saying he'd been asked and had given permission.

Which isn't to say that's true of every contributer of course but it shows that David Lavery, the editor, is at least aware of the need to do so.

(the Cooks Source thing was baffling to the point of hilariousness - why even have the © symbol if everything on the net is public domain ? Crass stupidity on its face)
The Cooks Source thing was mind-boggling.

I hadn't heard so many Non-Denial Denials and Non-Apology Apologies since Watergate. (The CS site has gone with the now-moribund business, but I found the touching final bye-bye cached. Am I violating copyright if I post a screenshot of a page from a cached and defunct site?)

I wouldn't have thought it possible for the editor to have (allegedly) been in journalism in some capacity or other for thirty years and know so little about... well, anything, really.

(Though as a graphic artist, I do get people every week or so bringing in content for their websites that they've just swiped from another site - photos, illustrations - you name it. They have to have it explained to them that the interwebs is not some big Supermarket Sweep they can just grab from and re-use willy-nilly... and that legally it's not just their necks that'd be on the line, but ours, too. We always find a careful way to inquire about the source of content.)

Thanks, Pointy, for those Joss interview links again - I'd forgotten that you had pulled them all together for us...)
My pleasure, QuoterGal!

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