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December 16 2003

Fox announce "Best of Buffy" DVD (R2) Contains the episodes "Becoming I", "Graduation Day II", "Hush", and "The Gift".

I suppose OMWF was ineligible, since it already has its own DVD. I'm really puzzled that they would only include the Part I of Becoming, though: while it's certainly a very good episode, the conclusion in Part II still blows it away.

They picked "Lie to Me" as an episode to show on the Spike DVD? How odd.

Still say Restless should have gone on the Best of Buffy DVD.
"In addition to the four episodes the DVD boasts some extra special value-added material, including" a commerical for the Buffy Season 7 DVD...
I can imagine the season 7 commercial, "You've just spent 60-70 on 5 discs with episodes you already had, now coming soon, spend another 70 with the most expensive box set available, Buffy season 7, and shortly after that another 70 on Angel season 4".
Thing is, I must be one of the mugs they aim this stuff at 'cos I'll buy all of them.
No season 8 so lets milk the cash cow till she runs dry.

Just wait for the Buffy seasons 1 to 7 boxset (limited to as many copies as Fox can sell).
The top four in order should have been...

1. Prophecy Girl
2. Hush
3. The Body
4. Once More With Feeling

Those are the top four episodes out of the entire series. Becoming Part 1 and Graduation Day Part 2 are just fan favorites. Poeple only chose The Gift becuase Buffy died which was basicaly the highlight of the entire episode. The only one they got right was Hush. In Hush no one could speak, in the body they had to deal with loss without any score music, and in Once More With Feeling they all sung out there feelings to eachother. And Prochecy Girl showed what it meaned to be the slayer and what the whole series was all about...

"We saved the world, I say we party."
SpikeBad, you have to remember that these sorts of lists that rank "the best" or favorites are all subjective. Everyone's tastes differ. In Fox's case they're probably putting the episodes that they think are the most marketable and loved by the most fans on the DVD. Your list is no more correct than one that I or any other person here could come up with.
What is Becoming Part 1 with out Becoming Part ll to finish it off?? I'm puzzled!!
Actually, for me, something like this might get my dollar. I haven't dropped the coin for any of the Buffy or Angel seasons because of the cost, although I will likely get Firefly. We have to realize that we are what one would call hard-core fans that don't necessarily represent the mainstream fans of the show.
"In Fox's case they're probably putting the episodes that they think are the most marketable and loved by the most fans on the DVD."

Well, actually they say exactly why they chose the episodes they did-

"Over 1.2 million fans visited an online survey where they were asked to vote for their favourite Buffy The Vampire Slayer episode. To celebrate the end of the hit television series, the four most popular will appear together on The Best Of Buffy DVD."
Anyone notice how three of the episodes on the Willow DVD are pretty Oz-centric?
fiveironalex -- I was gonna say the same thing.

Ya know, who really cares, but best Buffy shoulda been:

1. Once More, With Feeling
2. The Body
3. Hush
4. Innocence

I think those are the four best. Plus, they pretty well cover the series, from Season 2 to Season 6.

It's interesting that I think Season 3 is the best, yet for _really_ standout episodes, it ranks below everything but 1 and 7 with me.

[ edited by delavagus on 2003-12-17 05:24 ]
Wow, 'Lie to me' on a best of Spike DVD? Is that a joke? Well he's IN it I suppose. At least they got it right with the other 3 eps. But really, harsh Light of Day, Out of my Mind, Crush, etc. are all more Spike-centric I'd say.

And yes, I noticed the Willow choices smelled more like "Best of OZ". Not a single Tara-Willow episode?? One of the most popular relationships of the show and THE lesbian TV relationship...well, of practically ever? Was someone at the company actively trying to avoid the gay stuff or something? Because they say it's all in the fans' count but they can do what they want can't they? There's no way a Willow voting would completly lack Tara eps among Willow fans.

And I have to doubt the wisdom of putting 'Becoming Pt I' on a DVD but not II. At least with Faith they took the second part of her double ep-er.

I also agree that Once more with feeling not being on the Buffy one is a joke. Are they perhaps checking to see if they can do "Best of Buffy: Series II!"?

Ah well, I have all the season boxes anyway.....
i HONESTLY believe there was some clerical error confusing "lie to me" and "lies my parents told me" re: the spike dvd. only explanation i can come up with.
Either that, or they just didn't want to (or were unable to) include any S7 episodes, when the full season hasn't been released on DVD yet. On the other hand, the OMWF DVD did come out about a month before S6, so maybe that's not a constraint.
So what would we choose for a "Best of Xander" disc? How about:

1. Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered
2. The Zeppo
3. The Replacement
4. Grave

Personally, my Willow selection would be...

1. Doppelgangland
2. Something Blue
3. New Moon Rising
4. Family

Unfortunately, Willow didn't have a lot of solo episodes (until she went evil). Alyson Hannigan was best when she bounced off other actors (think of small moments like when she finds Buffy packing in "Dead Man's Party" or, well, most anything with Amber Benson). So three of these episodes involve people she loves. By contrast, notice how none of the Spike collection episodes involve his romance with Buffy? James Marsters is a genius cracking wise among a cast, not nearly as interesting playing the lovesick puppy.
Thing that frustrates me most there aren't enough episodes that are Giles-centric to fill a "best of" box.

*stomps away angrily and mutters nonsense about 'the real BtVS story never being told'*
Prolific - how about

1. The Dark Age
2. Passion
3. Helpless
4. A New Man

Two are Gilescentric, and two reveal his character in terrific ways.
Hey yeah no Giles DVD! You're right! What is he, a Dawn? (Ducks from rocks thrown by Dawn fans) Let's see....Giles centric....or Giles centric enough....I'd say:
-The Dark Age
-A New Man

And possibles could be Band Candy or Grave. Not really about Giles but man, were there some cool Giles moments in there.

Yeah the "Lie to me"/"Lies my parents told me" is a possible mix up with Spike. Although it's also true there are no S7 eps on there at all. Hm...

And it's also a good point that Willow eps usually revolved around her with other characters, but still, 3 eps only about her and Oz and then mostly Oz? I'd say your list is a better one, DaveW.
Oh my god! Did we just type up the exact same Giles list pracdtically at the same time?

Hey DaveW! Ya got good taste! Lol!

[ edited by EdDantes on 2003-12-17 23:55 ]
OK.Here's my list for each character...

1.School Hard
2.Lover's Walk
3.The Harsh Light of Day
4.Fool For Love

3.Becoming Part 1

1.I Robot... You Jane
3.Something Blue
4.Same Time, Same Place

1.The Pack
2.Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered
3.The Zeppo
4.The Replacement

2.The Dark Ages
3.Band Candy
4.A New Man

1.Bad Girls
4.Who Are You

1.Out of Mind, Out of Sight
2.Some Assembly Required
4.The Wish

2.Beauty and the Beasts
3.Wild At Heart
4.New Moon Rising

1.Fear, Itself
3.Hells Bells

1.The Initiative
2.Out of My Mind
3.Into the Woods
4.As You Were

1.Real Me
3.Older and Far Away

2.Tough Love
3.Tabula Rasa
4.Seeing Red

and for fun, Johnathan:
4.Two To Go

Those are all my choics for each characters four best episodes. I hope I didn't bore you.
It has taken me a couple of days to post on this topic because I am still so torked that Becoming II isn't included! My mouth hangs open with disbelief. "Fan votes" my behind. Some clerk put this together. Not a single one of us would have voted for 1 and not 2. Am I wrong? Also agog with the inclusion of Lie to Me on the Spike disk. What the?

Can we get the OMWF dvd here in America yet? Region 1?

And must include my vote for Giles ep, Band Candy.
My guess is that a lot of people voted for 'Becoming' because 'Becoming' was one of their favorite episodes, and they unthinkingly voted for the first part and not the second part, not noticing that they were separate episodes to vote for.
When you think about it it makes more sense for this to have been an accident than for anyone to have purposely put 'part I' on the disc without 'part II'
Becoming is a great episode, but it's exasperatingly stupid that they release only the first part. Also, it works better after a long season of thinking: "his soul's gonna come back any day now", and slowly realising that they couldn't make that work, but still be entirely unprepared for what they had planned. Great season finale (best imo).

My Buffy introduction disc would include 'Angel' and 'Prophecy Girl'. If there had to be four episodes, I'd probably include 'What's my line, part I+II'. Excellent episodes in their own right, they set up the series well, introduce main characters and don't spoil much.

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