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November 20 2010

(SPOILER) IDW Releases for February 2011. Many comics to buy: Angel #42, Spike #5, Illyria #4 and the Angel: ATF premiere edition.

Aww, just issue 1-17? No Spike Atf or issue 23? No mention of new extras, or extras at all?

Andn what's with the "vol 1"? We can't possible be getting a After the fall vol 2, could we? Would they collect all the other arcs under 'After the fall' name?
Keep in mind that press releases are often written by people who don't know any better.

I'm more interested in the "altered" Illyria. It looks like her "Haunted" mini-series is gonna have some profound impact on her character, as well as on the main Angel series itself. That's exciting.
I was planning to cancel my comic subscription to Angel After the Fall when it concluded, thinking # 40 would be it. Now I see # 41 is coming out. I would like to see the current series come to an end and get some resolution before the next series begins. Does anyone know when After the Fall will end?
After the Fall Premiere Edition

Shutup and take my money!

@Del: Technically After the Fall finished at #17, but the ongoing Angel series ends at #44.
Slightly off topic, but did anyone else squee in joy when they saw that Jericho season 3 will finally be continuing at IDW? Issue three came out in March of this year, I believe and we haven't heard anything since, so it's great to know that it'll finally have a conclusion. And hopefully, if it sells well, there will be more Jericho stories!
Thanks Matt. Think I will just buy up through 44 and then only buy any compilations for new Angel comics. I have spent a lot of money on these, but I can't say I am enjoying them much. I need to sit down and reread the entire series like a novel. Maybe then I will figure out what is going on.

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