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November 20 2010

An early look at the movie "Hop". Brian Lynch wrote the screenplay for this upcoming film with James Marsden and Russell Brand (as the voice of the Easter Bunny). From Bleeding Cool.

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Holdin' out on us, eh Brian? This sounds like a lot of fun. The remake of Death at a Funeral wasn't everything it could have been but James Marsden was incredibly funny in Alan Tudyk's role from the original, so I have faith he's done a great job. And Russell Brand? Fuggedabout it!
I'm not sure if it was Anya rubbing off on me, my dislike of Russel Brand, or any number of other factors but that poster is not at all what I expected that premise to look like. Maybe it was a little bit Donnie Darko but I honestly would have expected something a lot more grim as though the whole premise were vaguely psychotic. This poster and learning Lynch was involved actually makes this look sorta cute.

...Though I'm still not big on Brand and I think Marsden deserves better lead roles since he has some pretty great comedic skills.
I like it. It looks fun and hopefully now that this stuff will be trickling out, I'll stop thinking he was in iHOP every day. Also, curious to see what they look like with the live action guys.
My only input is "Cute bunny!". Sometimes I am such a girl...

@Jaymii A hearty lol to you. I always had to remind myself that his tweets were not related to greasy breakfast foods.
Dang...I was hoping that 'Marsden' was know, t instead of a d, r instead of an n, and an s at the was so close.
The movie is fantastic! Extremely funny, Marsden and Brand are really hilarious. I hope you guys give it a chance...and if you do, I hope you like it.

Thank you guys SO much for putting this up. What a fun surprise when I visited the site today. As always, thanks for your support.
Very cute poster. Not much of a Brand fan, but like Marsden and love your writing Brian, so I am there. Should be fun!

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