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November 20 2010

Miracle Laurie is married. Confirmed by Alana Stone's tweet.

Congratulations, Miracle Laurie and Christopher May!

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Many heartfelt congratulations to the blushing bride and her lucky groom!
I bet she was a beautiful bride.

Hope we get to see some pictures of the happy couple.
I did a little checking and I believe this Christopher May is her new hubby who was actually in the Buffy season 6 episode "Serial Life".
I have girl crushes on Miracle and Amber Benson. hehe
Chris May was in the Buffy epi Life Serial.
Was he essence of slug candle guy?

he's been in Castle and Bones.....

All roads lead to Buffy.
And 'The Inside' (and, of course, Uke Box Heroes).

Aww, congrats to the happy new couple (well officially new anyway, they may have been going out for years for all I know). Not that they'll be on the internet right now i'd imagine (nudge nudge, wink wink ;).
Valcos - yes that is Christopher May in Life Serial - he confirmed it at a convention he was appearing with Miracle.

You've only got to see these two together to know how they feel about each other.

So congratulations to the happy couple - I wish you both many duets on the Uke's together.
Here's a video of Chris re-enacting that Life Serial moment with my friend.

These two are lovely and sweet and other nice words, and will make a great married couple. Congrats!
Congratulations, Miracle & Christopher!
Congrats to Miracle and Chris!

I kinda hope she's taking his surname, because "Miracle May" is just a beautiful name.
I realize that (generally) the happy couple don't provide entertainment at their own wedding but the thought of them uke-ing some beautiful "wedding song" makes me all atwitter.

Congratulations and best wishes to Miracle and Chris! May they share a lifetime of love and blessings!
Congratulations Miracle and Christopher!

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