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November 22 2010

Dollhouse Season 1 Blu-ray $13.99 at Amazon. One of the Gold Box Lightning Deals for Black Friday week. Set to be even cheaper 11/29. has the list of dates/times for DVD deals, which includes the Dollhouse S1 Blu-ray on Monday the 29th.

Cheaper that $13.99? I'm intrigued.
Looks like it'll go on sale Monday the 29th.
If you add it to your cart now, it's $13.99. It's set to be a Black Friday deal next Monday. I can only assume it'd be cheaper then than it is today....
The BluRay of Season 1 was down to $10 at Ultimate Electronics (a small chain) at 11am yesterday, I think in a one-day sale along with Bones Season 4, My Name Is Earl Season 4, and The Unit Season 4. I didn't post it because Ultimate Electronics has so few stores, and not all had the same titles on sale.
Wow, at that price I'll pick it up even though I don't have a BluRay player.
Sigh. I paid 60 dollars for this when it came out.
They have updated the page with the actual price for the Lightening Deal. Looks like it's going to $9.99 for the BluRay.

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