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November 22 2010

Exploring "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" at Portland State University. Portland State University is now offering a class centered around Buffy through their Chiron Studies program, which offers classes shaped by students for students.

If my University offered this class I would be there in a heartbeat. I shall have to make due with Shakespeare, lol.
Is there a list of previous university Buffy class offerings anywhere that one might be able to use in making a case to get a similar class added at a new location?
Heh. Makes me think of the old adage about inmates running the asylum...

ETA: Which isn't to say I disapprove, just... Heh.

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My college had a South Park class last winter and a Harry Potter class this spring (which sadly clashes with a course req I have), but I would drop all course and major requirements to legitimately study Buffy for credits. This semester I've already manipulated a grammar paper so I'd get to talk about the way that BtVs and Joss have shaped the language.
I've gotten to write papers for other classes on Buffy (along with all sorts of other genre stuff; ah, the wonders of being an English major), but never a class devoted to it solely. I really need to transfer. ;)

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