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November 22 2010

Jeremy Renner talks about the Avengers. He briefly touches on the status of "The Avengers" with MTV in their salute to his breakout year of 2010.

Even in the guest spot he did on Angel, Renner stood out as an exceptional actor.
If you want more Renner plus some Amber Tamblyn and assorted other treats, look up The Unusuals on hulu or wherever. Brief, but sweet.
Agreed, FloralBonnet! The Unusuals was a quirky, superbly cast, well-written show that - shocker!- was canceled after a very brief run. Anyone who hasn't seen the episodes should do so immediately. Not to mention his Dahmer was truly terrifying. A wonderful actor who deserves much success.
Yeah, 'The Unusuals' was already pretty decent and had the potential to be excellent but wasn't given the chance (really enjoying Amber Tamblyn on 'House' at the moment, she's a much needed breath of fresh air).

And Jeremy Renner seems like a sensible guy, feet on the ground (he's a great actor too of course). I always think it's better for people to have this sort of success a little bit later in life, after they've got some of the youthful craziness out of their system.
It's fun to see his interviews. He's enjoying the success but not being a jerk. So far, anyway. One can hope.
Has everybody seen the interview in which he describes being a "fragrance model" in a mall?

It's on Jay Leno (I just went and looked) and there's some mutual admiration there with Cher, to boot.

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