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November 23 2010

Television Without Pity considers which of Joss' work is better suited for a reboot. Dollhouse, Alien Resurrection, Titan A.E., Speed and Roseanne all get a mention.

Though I am intrigued to see Natalie Portman as a Doll this article is mostly to be taken with some salt. But the point of it is clear, Better no remakes than any remakes.
Y'know, I actually think the dialogue IS an integral part of 'Speed', or at least of lifting it above the humdrum-action-fare level, there's some good stuff in there.

And Eliza doesn't need replacing IMO but i'd watch Natalie Portman in 'The Phone Book: A monologue in 26 parts' so her appearing in a 'Dollhouse' movie would be gravy.

Other than that, not really sure what to make of it. It seems serious, in which case it's pretty much just "A List of Joss' Stuff That We Didn't Like That Much" and so not exactly brand new on the face of the earth.
I remember somewhere Joss saying that he had about twelve projects all on clipboards on his wall...maybe it was that "Write Environment" interview? I've always wanted to know what was on those clipboards... Original content from Joss makes me salivate. :)

Anyhoo, none of the suggestions besides "Dollhouse" was one of his original ideas, right? So not a lot of control there.(Although I do think Speed and Alien could be rebooted.) But I agree that "Dollhouse" would be great fodder for a remake. And due to it's nature, it could be recast easily if necessary. It is unbearably rich with possibilities. Wouldn't it be cool to see his original vision up there on the big screen? "Enter the Dollhouse" followed by lots and lots of sequels until the franchise eventually degrades into "Dollhouse 13: Printy's Revenge."
To be honest Dollhouse always seemed to me like something that would've carried much better as a feature film rather than a standard tv series (and fwiw I'm not sure it's fair to call that particular project his own original idea* either.)

* see Pizza, Gouda

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I just don't see how you could do it in a film as a standalone, not without it really being just the action-adventure story of triumphant triumphality (indomitability of the human spirit blah blah) that it appeared to be on the surface, there's not much room for thematic depth or teasing out ambiguities in a 2 hr film.

But as a doorstop to the series, sure, why not. That or a series of films (ending with "Printy's Revenge", natch ;). Though obviously you'd never get money for the former and the latter's pretty unlikely too.
Dollhouse could make a slammin' miniseries, now I think about it. It's almost perfect, imo, but it really does have some wiggle room in its first half. I often think about a Revisioned LOST set, taking away the Nikki and Paulo, the Strangers in Strange Lands and a few other bits and pieces in episodes, you could probably cut it down to around 100 above-average stories. 85, at least. It'd be absolutely perfect.

Having said that, the entire Whedonverse fits itself beautifully already. There isn't much else like it... Man, I really feel like its my OCD talking here.
I've read a draft of the "Alien: Resurrection" screenplay. While a bit unpolished, it was quite different in tone from how the movie turned out, and the problems attributed to Joss in this article were nowhere to be seen in the script (the alien baby's behavior, for example, was entirely different in the script, and the overall cartoony feel of the movie can probably be largely attributed to Jeunet's directing style).

As for Speed - why would anyone wanna remake that? It's a pretty solid popcorn movie, but replace the dialogue and it's suddenly very bland.
The reboot of Parenthood has really grown on me. (For those wondering why this could possibly be relevant: Joss wrote for the original series.) I started watching for Lauren Graham (Gilmore Girls) and Peter Krause (Sports Night & Six Feet Under), but its has become one of my favorite hours of my week. Anyone else here enjoying it?

Though I'm not really a fan of the genre I did really like Speed and I like to think Joss is not in small part to thank for that. (If I remember correctly apart from the virtually writting the entire dialogue he also added some plot twists that were important in making me care about the characters).
Oh, can we please have a Dollhouse reboot. Given the nature of Hollywood recycling things, rebooting a show that lasted barely any time at all and was cancelled less than a year ago would be hilarious.
The dialogue was the only thing that made Speed worth watching. I vote for a Toy Story reboot. Those silly doll-objects are so 20th century. Nowadays kids don't play with anything that's not on a screen.

It could all be about competing Iphone apps.
The epitaphs could have been made into a film quite easily by switching the perspectives half way through from Mag to Echo once they meet. Could have had a huge budget and been untoldly awesome! It already was, but more so in a cinema atmosphere. The actual Dollhouse story would have needed a little less awesomosity to tone it down to action film territory, but the blasphemy of replacing Eliza is almost making me start my people's crusade! Although Natalie Portman is also awesome, the lead is Eliza. that is all.
I really miss Dollhouse. After seeing Enver on CHASE it made me miss Victor and Sierra a lot.
I'll never miss a chance to defend Eliza's amazing acting in Dollhouse. The irony of characterizing her as having "limited range", considering the nature of the role, is mind boggling. My love for Dollhouse and my sadness at seeing it canceled is such that the idea of a reboot makes my brain explode (in addition to the fact that the concept of a reboot of something that's been off the air for less than a year is ludicrous).

The way the whole reboot thing is getting tossed around is becoming hopelessly silly, IMO. None of Joss's work needs rebooting.

A meaningful definition of a reboot to me, is the Star Trek movie (and not just because I really loved it). Decades off the air and done as a prequel, now that's rebooting as a valid concept.
Dollhouse would make an amazing film franchise. Imagine it like a sci-fi Bourne trilogy with an apocalyptic twist.
"The irony of characterizing her as having "limited range", considering the nature of the role, is mind boggling."

This. My mind has been boggled by that very claim on many occasions.

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