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November 23 2010

NPH talks about babies! Neil discusses his twins, Gideon and Harper on The Talk. Video hosted by Perez Hilton.

It's just adorable. And a very nice distraction from everything else that's going on right now.

He is hilarious, and so adorable!
I've watched all of that happening with my brother and my sister-in-law. They had all these Good Intentions and read all of this Good Advice and then I think once you get to that point you just do whatever you think is necessary. As long as the baby isn't being hurt or hurting (NPH swaddles just a bit tight ;P) and as long as you're watching over them, it's fair game.

I plan on being a mother in some far distant future, still. But some day.
Pretty funny and very sweet. A welcome break - though not, I guess, for Neil and David. They have their hands full, it sounds like.

I know they're both kidding and serious about how clueless babies are, and unconscious of their surroundings, but my partner was a twin and remembers lying in a basket w/ his twin brother. Since they apparently stopped doing that when they were about 6 months, little baby A was clearly noticing stuff about his surroundings.

I can remember being frustrated by being unable to talk ; > and though I started late(ish) at about one y.o. that's still some months of cognizance and semi-self-awareness at that early age.

Babies are busy taking stuff in...
There's a much longer version of this on YouTube. (Pt. 1 and Pt. 2)
(better quality too)

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