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November 24 2010

Nikki Stafford's Great Buffy Rewatch. Nikki wrote the Buffy companion guide 'Bite Me' as well as several other books about TV shows. She is planning a Buffy rewatch on her blog starting in January 2011.

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I was reading through her comments and it's nice to see that there are so many new people still discovering Buffy. I might envy them and their treat a little.
You know you're a little too obsessed with Buffy when you play the youtube link in that blog post and say to yourself "HEY, thats not the opening credits!" Uh..yeah.
"...too obsessed with Buffy..."

I understand the individual words but the concept itself eludes me ;).

And yep, i'm envious of being able to experience the show as new. No matter how big a fan you are that's something we can only do once. Raises the question though, is it the same show we saw e.g. if watched in a block is it the same ? How about watching it after seeing its influence ? Or after effects technology has moved on (not that BtVS was really about the effects but there'll come a point where they're so bad in comparison that they take you out of the show. Or will there) ?
I'd say that Buffy relied a lot on practical effects which are the same now as then more or less and very little on CGI, with a few snakeish exeptions that looked out of place even the first time they aired.

I've noticed though that many of the younger feminist critics of the show tend to watch it from the perspective of today, and often seem to forget that the feminist landscape, as well as the general gender attitude, was quite different when the show originally aired.

And speaking of Buffy, I'd love to have a serious re-watch. It's been way to long. I hate it when life gets in the way of Buffy time ;)
Thanks for posting this, kbachelder. I am in like Flynn. All the kerfuffle about the upcoming film has made me yearn to begin yet another rewatch of the series. Nikki Stafford is a great person to helm this. Love her.
I'm doing a rewatch along with the Potential Cast. Three of the four co-hosts haven't seen Buffy before and are almost completely spoiler-free. They do a show for each episode and they're currently at What's My Line Part One (so it's about to get very interesting). I highly recommend it - it's really interesting hearing a fresh perspective so long after I first watched the shows and it's pretty hilarious too.
I'd also recommend the PotentialCast as a fun podcast to listen to and I'm not just saying that because I've been a guest on their show. ;)

I'm rewatching Buffy at their pace which is a great way to feel like you're experiencing the show all over again with friends.
It'll be very interesting. I'm one of the ones chipping in and I'm already envious of the lineup she's got, with more than 2 dozen writers. Part of me wanted to volunteer to do episodes that I DON'T teach, but... I went with what I know. Except for doing Beer Bad week. Anyone like Beer Bad? Is it better than Bad Eggs?
Oh, Beer Bad vs Bad Eggs a tough choice indeed. They both feature classic genre staples like the old school degeneration a'la Mr Hyde and the more modern alien parasite one. And they both have Buffy looking for her place in life.

Personaly I like Bad Eggs a lot better as it is an early season episode with some more comedy, but Beer Bad have the Willow - Parker scene working for it.

An interesting choice for a double watch. I have to go further with this one I think.
Sounds interesting, I've been reading another blog written by someone re-watching Buffy and it didn't really do it for me so I look forward to this one. Hopefully we are talking mahoosive in depth blog posts and not just quick analyses. I was gonna do one of my own but then I started writing and it got way too long so I gave up. Maybe when I'm older, retired and don't have so many things to do already.

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