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December 17 2003

Joss Whedon is 5th in Pop Candy's 100 People of 2003. "Buffy fans were hoping he'd give the show an appropriate ending, and he did. Now can he please give us something else to obsess over?".

Alyson Hannigan got number 6 last year. Nice to see a shout out to John Ritter as well.

And don't forget Seth Green was on the list too. Did I take that "Now can he please give us something else to obsess over?" comment wrong? It comes across to me that there's nothing of Joss Whedon's to obsess over and as far as I can tell I'm not alone in obsessing over Angel and the thought of a Firefly movie.
I took it to mean that the critic wants something new from Joss, something we haven't seen before.
I find I'm just not obsessive about Angel. It's nice and everything, and I'm a big Wes fan, but whether Angel or Spike shanshu's doesn't keep me up nights. I don't want to analyze it.

And also, a TV-scape with only one Joss Whedon show in it, really is a vast wasteland.

So, rest the little grey cells, Joss, and give us another beautiful imaginary 'verse.
Maeve, I agree, I think the stand alone episode format makes Angel far easier to forget after watching. I would always be obsessing over where the plot was headed about three shows into a Buffy season.
I think we Firefly fans ought to make sure the entertainment industry understands how ticked off we are with Fox. I remember when the Fox network was the one I watched the most. Now, I just watch sports on Fox, and that is all. Their programming really is that dumbed down, and it is bad news for the TV-scape.

I'm with blwessels, Angel and The Sopranos are the only current shows worth obsessing over. No other shows are willing to take any risks.
I enjoy The Shield and Nip/Tuck on FX. The Shield in particular is high quality television. It goes to show what happens when a network allows a show to be controlled by a singular vision (Shawn Ryan for The Shield, Ryan Murphy for Nip/Tuck). Of course being FX shows they're not exactly on a standard seasonal schedule.

There are a couple of good sitcoms out there too, Scrubs is the only thing on NBC worth watching, and it's their best show since Seinfeld. Arrested Development on FOX is great, but it'll probably be cancelled for that very reason.
And I'm with G Thing about only watching sports on Fox. Since they so abruptly dumped Firefly I have no faith in them and I wouldn't want to get hooked on another quality show and then have it yanked for the next Joe Millionaire. And Ringworm, I also think NipTuck is a great show. I didn't watch The Shield when it came out but I've only heard good things about it. FX is willing to take chances and let a show go with what's good without interfering.

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