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November 24 2010

(SPOILER) Buffy Season 8 Q&A with Georges Jeanty. The latest round of fan questions courtesy of SlayAlive.

Yay! I never thought I would miss a season 8 discussion thread so much.
Well, 'bout all I got out that was that Willow was going to die. Read carefully and see if you can figure out why I think that!
I thought his answers were very interesting and in one case revealing.Georges slip a spoiler on that
I thought someone said something about Willow starring with Spike in some kind of season 9 mini-series? And what about her existing in Fray's time?
Yeah, most of his answers were almost Scott Allie-ish in there RAFOing. But I guess with only two issues to go there ain't to much more can be said.

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I thought Willow was going to be in the Spike series happening now, which is the one where we find out how he got the bug ship, and therefore in the (near) past. Perhaps I am confused- I don't read the IDW comics so much.
Oh right, I got confused. My bad. But the Fray thing still stands.
Yay! I never thought I would miss a season 8 discussion thread so much.

Poor Simon. Been a rough couple of days, huh?

The part that got me most excited was that Faith's set up to do "something really remarkable." Yay Faith!
I really like what he said about Giles' and Buffy's relationship. I miss that. I understand that she needed to grow up in Seasons 6 and 7 but it made me sad when they argued. More so than when Buffy and Willow argued. Fingers crossed that he is not the character that dies, though because I'm hoping for this the opposite will probably happen
Happy to provide, Simon. :)
FAITH!! YAY!! I am so glad we finally got back to her. After all the lovers are injured/fighting/having second thoughts, we get to the damaged loner who's just about the only one left who's still doing what's right(and Giles!). I'm glad she gets to do something remarkable. When she got the potentials in S7 she screwed up, and Spike beat her up(grrr), but now she gets to do something "remarkable". Forget this reboot business, at least Faith can't be touched by such forces!
I'm not done reading the entire session yet, but can you say "BOOYA!" to Jeanty confirming that Joss wrote the final issue?! Super excited!

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