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November 24 2010

Underpants beats Tightpants: "Uncharted" lead role cast! It seems our beloved Capt'n Tightpants' efforts to land another major Hollywood project's lead role has come to naught.

According to an interview done with MTV with The Departed and Boogie Nights actor Mark Wahlberg, it appears that our beloved portrayer of ships' captains and mystery novelists has been usurped by Wahlberg for the job of treasure hunter extraordinaire Nathan Drake in the upcoming David O. Russell-helmed adaptation of the Uncharted video games series

I think this deserves a moment of silence...or this post getting usurped to the Deleted Posts page. Not quite sure the content's related enough but I thought I should pass along this discovery to the group :(

And yet another movie that I would have gone to opening night had Nathan Fillion starred, but instead have no interest whatsoever.
What does a guy have to do to catch his big break? Can we start a twitter campaign to change the director's mind, ya think?
Ugh!! That actor who spent time in prison for being a racist is STILL getting work?! I mean, Nathan is much much prettier, Joss noted this in the dialogue for Firefly, he is very pretty. Give the guy a movie role Hollywood, or face my wrath(wrath is a term used for my doing nothing, but especially not seeing a film with Marky Mark in it...ugh!).
Oh, just, POOP. I spent a few hours posting comments on targeted sites trying to do my bit for Cappy (via an Uncharted site linked at Twitter) - edit: actually, at his request on Twitter to the fans.

But you know what? David O. Russell. I don't think Nate would have had a good time working for him. If you were to Google this: youtube david o russell lily tomlin, you will see why.

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Thank you, BlueSkies! I would pay to see Nathan, but you couldn't pay me to see Marky...
Will Greg Edmonson still be writing music for this though? If so, that potentially keeps it in the Whedonverse.
Poor Nathan, being usurped for anything by Mark Walberg would make me want to drink many bottles of vodka for many days.

Then again, Mark Wahlberg and director David O. Russell have worked together twice before, on "Three Kings" and "I Heart Huckabee's." Seems like Wahlberg is one of Russell's go-to guys.
There's an update at the bottom of this article (which says some of the same things as the topic's link) - the film isn't even greenlit yet, so it may not be a done deal:

Uncharted Movie is Still in Cookie Dough, Not Done Baking Stage
Tonya J, lifting the spirits of the Whedonverse since (insert year here). Thanks for that. One minute they threaten that he will usurp the memory of Brandon Lee in the Crow, next it is that someone saw him as a better actor than our beloved captain, but now that the former has been debunked, you have come crashing in as the deus ex machina to save us all from a desperate event worse than the Happening. Thank you.
While I obviously wish Nathan all success (and he is deserving, no doubt), I've liked Mark Wahlberg in everything I've seen him in, to be honest.
SNT, even the Happening?! He didn't even like that film! I actually just don't like him in anything, generally try to avoid him. But to put some perspective on my view I also dislike diCaprio, Jim Carey and hated, HATED the departed beyond belief, so I could be wrong...
I was pleased to see JhonenVasquez be on our train through a series of pretty amusing tweets. He's the one who broke the news to me, of course.
...and hated, HATED the departed beyond belief, so I could be wrong...

You do know it's a film right, not Adolf Hitler ? ;)

Also, there's a difference between liking a film and liking someone in a film - 'The Happening' was 'meh' to say the least IMO but Mark Wahlberg was fine in it, i've also liked him in pretty much everything i've seen him in (don't know much about the things he did 20 years ago but he seems to have turned his life around so good for him in that respect, I guess in some environments joining a gang is just what you do and then it's all downhill from there).

Pity if this is true, Nathan would've killed as Drake.
Say what you will, but David O. Russell brings the best out of Mark Wahlberg, who is just short of brilliant in "The Fighter".
Saje, my mentioning the departed was just in reference to the idea that my opinion is a little left of centre most of the time. Almost everyone I know loved the film, but like Mark Wahlberg, it did not agree with me. I just can't see the merit in him as an actor, same as Leonardo diCaprio and Jim carrey. So I would have greatly preferred NF for this and am bitterly disappointed that someone who I have no appreciation for got it. And it does look like he regrets all his youthful transgressions, they were very wrong as I dimly recall, but it was unjust of me to reference them now as he has done what he can to make up for it.
Ah, no biggie Blueskies and yep, i've googled a bit and he went to jail for assault, half-blinded a guy and so on, definitely not nice things to do and he seemed quite a nasty piece of work in his younger days. That said, if you look into the background of a lot of rappers etc. you'll see the same thing and if you can screw your life up to that extent and then make a success of it it says something about you I reckon (not as much, I should stress, as it would say about you if you didn't screw your life up in the first place, which is true of a lot of people in exactly the same situation).

Re: 'The Departed', it just tickles me when people apparently hate a film as if it's killed their dog or something ;).

(FWIW I enjoyed it BTW but it did feel a little bit like Scorsese's greatest hits - not a whole lot new in there, just well executed)
And yet the executions sucked! haha! Everyone got shot in the head. Yes, it may be gangster, but as a film it should be more exciting, Buffy didn't just stake, she cut off heads and shot crossbows and made them drink holy water and there was fire, you know, swish it up! (I felt the Buffy comparison was necessary considering the site we're on!)

But yeah, it was just one of those things that didn't sit well with me, especially after having such high hopes from watching the original and thinking "Marty can pull off something just as good!" Then it turned out he stole most of the scenes and dialogue and left me cold and mildly offended that I had wasted money. And how come Matt Damon's accent sucked?(Leo's always does, but that's just my nit-pickyness) But Damon is from Boston, come on! Annoyance central! So there's my two cents that are completely off topic, so thanks for enduring.
Heh, yep one of my biggest bugbears about gangsters is their lack of imagination. It's all shooting people with like maybe the occasional stabbing or chopping off an ear or whatever - where're the giant vats of acid or the manipulation of supernatural forces from beyond the grave ? Half the time it's like they're not even trying.

(not seen 'Infernal Affairs' so can't comment on that)

Re: Damon's accent, he sounded more or less the same as he did in 'Goodwill Hunting' to me, is that similarly bad accent wise ? I can tell the more distinctive US accents apart - New England vs Texas is dead easy, east Kentucky vs west Kentucky, not so much even though to a native I assume they sound different, given the distances involved - but i'm not really sure what most of them are meant to sound like if you know what I mean (e.g. Alec Baldwin on '30 Rock' is meant to do a decent Boston accent - according to comments online - whereas Julianne Moore's is apparently terrible but feature wise, they sound fairly similar - hers is just stronger, probably exaggerated to comic proportions).
Oh, I'm not American, just lived in New England long enough to learn how to tell them apart and his Good Will Hunting one was far better. I asked this of actual Americans who did agree with me, thankfully! Thought I was just nuts there for a second!

But yes, I like my criminals to have imagination, is it so wrong?! There are plenty of up close and more personal ways to do away with someone and as they were loosely based on Whitey Bulger(who is of Irish heritage and the Irish were the worst even at home, see the General) I would have expected a little more from them. Nothing too fancy, but a bit of stabbing wouldn't go amiss, when I was a kid there was a case of using a machete in Dublin gangland killings, always keeping on our toes, those crazy gangsters!
Yeah, I get you, mix it up a little bit. Is there anything worse than being murdered by a gangster who's just phoning it in ? I'm all for a bit of variety (nothing with finger/toenails though, that's one of my "things").

Been a while since I saw 'Goodwill Hunting' admittedly, now i'm almost tempted to watch them both again to compare (I suppose he'd been away from Boston longer when he made 'The Departed', maybe he lost his ear for it a bit, even though it's his own accent ?).
Heh, I like how most of the comments on the article are like "Meh, we want Nathan".
Better this then Wahlberg in "The Crow". I am sorry Nathan didn't get it though.
From Sean Becker (director of The Guild) on twitter - "Not casting @NathanFillion in the "Uncharted" movie would be like rebooting the "Buffy" franchise without Joss Whedon..."

Sigh. We could really do with a good news story at some point.
In fairness to the lack of imagination in gangster film executions, I don't think gangsters are generally known for their imaginations :)

Good news? We've got Joss Whedon making "The Avengers!" We've got Tim Minear teamed up with Shawn Ryan for a new series that starts early next year (forgive me for blanking on the title)! We've got Jane Espenson working on "Torchwood!" We've got Nathan Fillion and Alyson Hannigan starring in hit series! We've got Adam Baldwin in "Chuck," which got its season extended to 24 episodes! We've got J. August Richards recurring on "The Defenders!" And it's Thanksgiving, so the plumbers have taken a day off from replacing pipes in my apartment (I grant you, this good news is a little less important to the rest of the board than the other stuff, but I'm happy about it). Plus, the world didn't end. Good news all round :)
Both men are too old for the part, sorry.

Great games, though.

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