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November 25 2010

Angel: 'After the Fall' Premiere Edition Hardcover for 67% off. Amazon UK has the upcoming book, listed at 432 pages and collecting Issues 1-17, for 24.69. Update: The price is now 63.75.

I wouldn't hold your breath on this glitch, if too many people order will more than likely cancel the orders.
I'm not sure what site's right, here, but on Book Depository it's 23.64. But the starting price is extremely lower, there's only a 24% discount.
May as well try. Ha. I didn't look at the date. Will not receive until March 1st.
Yeah, 75.00 seems kind of unlikely as a starting price, to be fair. It'd be the most ridiculously expensive hardcover comic I've ever seen. The 31.52 starting price Book Depository has sounds much more reasonable.
If you compare it to the Absolute DC editions then it is in the same ball park. And IDW's material is usually dearer than the mainsteam competition. Also while the RRP is 75, Amazon would normally sell it for around the 50-60 mark.
I ordered. Will I be charged when it's released or ships, or soon?
First off, I hope that the price isn't a mistake, and that anyone ordering from Amazon, or the Book Depository, can get this at these prices if they want it.

I do have to say that after a little more searching that I'm even more confused about what should be the correct price. I looked up the book at Waterstones and they have the full retail price at 37.99. Based on that and the Book Depository price, I would be willing to attribute Amazon UK's regular price as a mistake and their discount as likely to be a normal one. However, two of the leading U.S. sites (Amazon US and Barnes & Noble) have the full price listed at $100. And that currently converts to about 63.43. Could there really be that much of a difference between the suggested price in the U.S. versus the UK? I guess, but that much difference doesn't seem right either.

The bottom line imo, is that clearly there is a mistake/misunderstanding somewhere with this book. If the higher price turns out to be right, and we can get it at such a discount now then that's great. But if we order it now (and the order is honored) and the lower cost turns out to be correct, then we do run the risk of locking in a price that, while fair, is nothing special. Proceed at you own risk. Meanwhile, my apologies for all of the confusion. I really didn't have any idea of all of this when I originally posted.
Yikes. I guess my local comic shop never orders comics that expensive. Why the heck is it that expensive, though? It can't just be the fact that it's a hardcover, right? I mean: I own other hardcover comics, but never payed anywhere near $100 or 75. Are these over-sized and/or printed on better paper?
Sometimes bigger, printed on premium stock, often remastered (e.g. recoloured as with Absolute Sandman), new extras etc. The idea is that they're the definitive collector's edition (yeah, yeah, until the next definitive version ;).

The RRP isn't insane, it's towards the high end for this sort of thing but well within the realms of plausibility. has Absolute 'Watchmen' at an RRP of 60 selling at 51, Absolute 'Ronin' at 65/45 and Absolute 'V for Vendetta' at 75/41 so the "Absolute" 'After the Fall' RRP is reasonable. The discount seems pretty amazing though, got the singles but i've ordered one of these too, just in case that price is correct (or in case they at least honour it, even if not).
Doesn't their price guarantee kind of force them to honour the price?

Anyway: thanks for the explanation, Saje. I've seen TPB's, HC editions, but I'm kind of new to this world of 'Absolute' editions. They seem like fun and great to own, but not like something I'd ever actually bother buying, to be honest. Although, in cases like this, where there's one single volume collecting a limited story, I might see myself doing so, although I'd probably prefer the cheaper trade edition even then, given these prices.
I wouldn't spend 75 but I could see 30-40+, depending on the book, provided it was a complete story.

Doesn't their price guarantee kind of force them to honour the price?

Nah, speaking only for the UK, that used to be the case but not anymore (now retailers are allowed to say it's a mistake and cancel orders, refund any money spent etc.). Think they actually changed the law when online shopping really started to take off (there were a couple of situations where e.g. plasma TVs that should have been marked up as 999 were put on at 0.99 or something daft).
Amazon US currently has it for $63.00, discounted from $100, but I pre-ordered it when Amazon thought the list price was $50, and their price was $31.50. With the pre-order price guarantee I should get this $100 book for $31.50. Sweet.
Doesn't their price guarantee kind of force them to honour the price?

No it doesn't. There was a similar glitch for the third omnibus of Brubaker's Captain America run which retailed at 50 but went down to 12. Myself and others ordered it but the orders got cancelled. did the same during the Marvel fiasco a few months back.
$65.84 on
I see the price is now 63.75 (which I'll indicate on the entry). Has anyone had their orders cancelled?
Has anyone had their orders cancelled?

Because this is a first time for me, what it supposed to happen? (I have only the confirmation order for the lower price - until now)
Well you might sneak under the radar and have your order still honoured at 25 or the order might get cancelled.
Nope, had a confirmation email too (though those're automagic obviously). Just occurred to me, could the (temporarily) insanely low price be anything to do with this "Black Friday" thing that happens in the US ? Cos seem to be doing it too (another email they sent mentions it).

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