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November 26 2010

10 TV series that you can watch in one weekend instead of shopping. For the shopping averse.

Man, that Torchwood trailer was creeepy. Is it worth the 5 hours, anyone?
The one series I'd love to watch in a weekend IF the darn thing was on DVD is The Inside. That would have made a nice addition to this list if . . .
"Often considered Joss Whedon's best work, Firefly is a classic worth watching and rewatching."

CaptainB, yes. Yes it very much is worth it.
palehorse, I would love it if The Inside came out on DVD. It was a fantastic show with some great former Mutant Enemy writers on the staff.
'The Inside' is like a 'Gauntlet' Elf with food - it needs a DVD release baaaadly. As does the also excellent 'Journeyman', good to see that get a mention, yet another great show cancelled before its time.

Can't argue with most of those suggestions and I third (if you include the article) the rec for 'Children of Earth', cracking telly. Also 'Jekyll'.

(and with 'Neverwhere' be sure to watch out for an early appearance from cult favourite The Cow of Death who went on to star in such hits as 'Cow of Death: The Killing Fields' and 'Cow of Death II: What's Your Beef ?')
Yay for The 10th Kingdom. Hilarious and touching. Everyone should buy and watch and then maybe we'll get a sequel...? Pretty please? :(

Just finished my first rewatch of BSG and it help up surprisingly well, liked the ending more than I did on first watch.

I love Life on Mars but it'd probably get a bit repetative to watch all in one go.
You could actually watch the entirety of Dollhouse, including the unaired pilot, in less than a day. That's a little sad =(
"10 TV series that you can watch in one weekend"

For a moment there I thought they where going to suggest watching 10 complete series in one weekend (which seemed just a little crazy).

Not only where there some great ex-Mutant Enemy writers on The Inside, the people on screen all where very good too.

Fun to see "Jekyll" and "Neverwhere" included. Looking forward to checking out Cowboy Bebop (sounds quite Firefly-like) and "Children of Earth".

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yay Cowboy Bebop! I need to pull those dvds out...
"Cowboy Bebop" is indeed awesome. (Kick-ass sound track too.) It's the only anime series that I actually watch with the English dub. If you like anime, some of my other favorite watchable-in-one-weekend anime are "Samurai Champloo" (by the Bebop creator) and "Trigun." Both of these are currently available on Hulu and both are acceptable (IMO) if you can only find the English dubs. (I do like their subs better though.)

"Samurai Champloo" is... one of a kind. It's a fabulous cross-genre story about a slacker ronin, a ruffian, and the strong willed girl that gives them purpose. It takes place in the Tokugawa period and has anachronistic elements like... hiphop. :D

"Trigun" is a sort of future-retro sci-fi western that hits every note from zany to heartbreaking. And it's probably just me, but it's one of the few anime that I liked better than the manga it came from.

I'd also recommend "Daybreak" (12 eps. and NOT anime :-) ) now available on Hulu about a man having the repeato-day from hell. Fortunately, it's actually resolved by episode 12 so that you are not left out there hanging.
Oh! Ultraviolet! Fantastic late 90s British vampire show. Essential viewing and only 6(?) episodes too.
One weekend? I did Firefly in one night. Admittedly that's a little extreme.
Yep, 'Ultraviolet' was the standard 6. Also great telly and an early role (to me anyway) for Idris Elba who went on to do some other programme which was absolutely panned critically and which no-one in the world thought was one of the best TV shows ever.

If we're making off-book recommendations then mine's 'Fawlty Towers'. Small but perfectly formed.
BreathesStory, I'll have to check out the anime you've mentioned. One that I like, also watchable in one weekend is Tenchi Muyo the OVA series. Light and fun.
latinandgreek, Tenchi Muyo's been on my radar but not, you know, "The List." I'll have to check it out after I get through Full Metal Alchemist, FMA Brotherhood, Rurouni Kenshin, and... Hey, gosh, I'm also behind on Bleach too. Darn it.

You know... I'm thinking maybe Tenchi Muyo sounds like a nice break. :) Thanks.
I respect Tenchi for being what it is, but with it being a harem, I, er, don't love it. Haha. And even though most series could be knocked out in a day, I'll throw the short and sweet FLCL into the mix. It's Gainax, has a dub that isn't terrible and is one hell of a ride. Also, Berserk, for it featuring the best characters (both male and female) ever. Aside from Buffy, of course.

(Dear God, I'm so behind on my animu!)
I tried the first 2 episodes of Cowboy Bepop, after falling in love with Elfen Lied, but couldnt stand the all !"case of the week" style. Anyone knows if it gets a more continuos plot?
One of the best moments of the 10th Kingdom was the version of We Will Rock You ;)
Brasilian Chaos Man, yeah the first two are a little weak. I sometimes skip them when I re-watch it. Session 3: Honkey Tonk Women, introduces crew member/con woman, Faye Valentine, which shakes up their dynamic a bit. The over all "continuous plot" (such as it is) kicks in with Session 5: Ballad of Fallen Angels. The continuous plot arc is really more of a "Spike's past returns at intervals to bite him in the ass" kind of thing. Session 6: Sympathy for the Devil, is one of my faves, FWIW. And crew member Edward joins the crew/hijacks the Bebop in Session 9: Jamming with Edward, after which, things start to really click along IMO.

The whole series was originally conceived because Watanabe wanted to do some sort of mecha in space. As such, I don't know that there was ever that much of a planed arc. It is pretty episodic with the depth/angst/poignancy coming from mostly from exploring/revealing the various characters' back stories and how they affect their present. The ending (which does address the Spike arc) is even a little ambiguous in it's interpretation. The various creators involved disagreed even amongst themselves about the exact interpretation of the ending we see on the screen.

Does that help at all?

(BTW, the film is commonly considered to occur between Sessions 23 and 24. I thought it was kinda meh myself, and somehow lacked the magic of the series--as did the manga.)


And I concur, FLCL is another great short anime series with beautiful animation and with a uniquely nutty, dense, and maybe a bit obscure storyline. That might make it a little... inaccessible(?) for the causal anime watcher. I still own it though. :)
I'm so sorry for delay this long to answer you, BreathesStory, but what you said is exactly what I was looking for.
Thanks a lot,
I'll catch up with the later episodes.

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