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November 26 2010

A preview of "Young Justice". Alan Tudyk provides the voice of Green Arrow in the new series premiering tonight on Cartoon Network. From Ain't it Cool News.

You get a tiny bit of Alan just after the 2:00 mark.

I'm watching!
That's Keith Szarabajka as Mr Freeze, too. I'd recognize that voice anywhere. Holtz!
Is it Timm ? That's always the first question with DC animated stuff, guy's the James Bond of that universe - nobody does it better ;).

Sounds interesting though, i'll likely check it out when I can, particularly given The Tude™'s involvement.
It's Greg Weisman, which is just as good, imo. His Spectacular Spider-man was heads and shoulders above every Spidey cartoon, ever. Terrific writer.

Is anyone watching The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes? That's pretty great as well. It does make me sad that Ant-Man and Wasp aren't included in the film line-up though.
The cartoon network and syfy channel, keep Whedonverse actors stocked up on in fruit drinkie and pantsless animal crackers (except the monkey,) All by themselves

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