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November 26 2010

Eliza Dushku & Rick Fox serve Thanksgiving Dinner to the needy in Boston. A nice article on how Eliza and Rick spent their Thanksgiving this year, with some cute pictures included.

They're both awesome.
I was not so much a fan of Eliza, i was more neutral, until i checked out some of her tweets last year, and no i give her mad respect, yo.

(because of her humanitarian spirit)

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Eliza Dushku is neat. (So's her man.)
It's things like this that make wading through all the negative news (not just on here, I mean everywhere) worth it.

Both are wonderful people!
She's a lucky girl. He's good-hearted and a hottie.
Good for them to do it in the old hometown. (I've been homeless so I've seen from the inside how much it's appreciated.) Times like this should bridge left, right, and middle. And I officially take back here and now the mean things I said about Rick when his marriage broke up; we were all younger once than we are now.
Very cool! I'm always that much more impressed with the Whedon folks when I read about things like this. It's called Paying it Forward, people - give it a shot sometime.

I myself recently raised $140 for the Ronald McDonald House Charities through work, by selling a "helping hand" to customers for $1. I sold the most in the store; a coworker came in second with somewhere around 65. None of the managers said anything about this fundraiser - I noticed the sign one day when I came in, and took it upon myself to find the button on the register, and would ask people if they'd like to donate a dollar to the RMHC. Most of my sales came through the drive-thru; I had two different customers tell me their families had benefited from the charity, and one worker at the local hospital said it was one she always supported.

Doing good deeds makes you feel good, and helps others. Where's the bad?

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