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December 17 2003

Random Rants: Joss Whedon. Brief WB interview (Quicktime required). Some interesting comments about the future of Angel and the likelihood of a Buffy appearance.

Well after that, I wouldn't be holding out for Buffy appearing in season 6 let along season 5. I wonder if Mutant Enemy are negotiating for a season 6 at the minute. Anyone know when this sort of thing usually begins?

DAMN YOU SIMON! DAMN YOU! You stole my link! joking, damn 56k modem.
I'm a big fan of SMG and if she doesn't want to guest, well so be it, but I really liked Joss's attitude about it. If she wants to do a guest spot, that's great, they'd definitely be able to come up with a good story and if she doesn't, oh well, they still have great things to write about for their characters to do. I do hope she changes her mind just because I'd love to see the character again but I'm just going to enjoy watching Angel, and hope for a season six.

I would imagine they are negotiating. Angel may have a small following but we're loyal and tune in week after week, no matter what night they are now showing it on, we will always follow. I would imagine with the string of flops that this season had (and not just the WB) they'd want to keep a show on that has a built in audience.
God, even Joss is getting it wrong now. BUFFY WASN'T CANCELLED!!!
deep breath GS...he was joking. I think. :) Hard to tell with Joss sometimes...
A rumour has surfaced on the An Angel's Soul Spoiler Board about TNT wanting a season 6.

Some interesting news came to my attention today. In a nutshell, TNT has asked the producers of Angel for the rights to air the 6th season of the long-running WB series. Because TNT can not offically offer to air the next season until April 18th; when shooting for the 5th season is scheduled to wrap, I guess it is to be considered a rumor. There were stipulations involved with the offer - it is to be noted that one of those stipulations involved particular actors/actresses returning to the show. I cannot however name these people for obvious reasons, it's not offical yet and those actors have yet to be approached.

TNT has made the offer because of the ratings the reruns have been getting that began showing on their network at the end of the summer, which are among the highest of any of its current programs.

How reliable this information is I have no idea.
Anyone else think Joss is really on the fastlane burn out track over doing TV shows or at least having to deal with studios period. Cause a little more than a year ago he was all for it having 3 on the air, now it's like he really doesn't care,even if he has any shows on the air.
anyone left puzzled by joss' "the actress" ref rather than naming SMG. i mean they've known each other for enough time to be on first name basis.

on a different note, joss is one of those ppl who become more adorable the more you see them try to express themselves.

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Huh, well I thought a show being discontinued could always be contrued as cancelled, for whatever reason. So 'cancelled' only aplies when the cast and writers want to continue but a studio axes it?

Ah well give the guy a break.

As for SMG, I sincerely doubt they're 'negotiating' anything right now. She's said 'no' for this entire season. That's not negotiating, that's turning down. I get the stronger and stronger impression she's just happy to be rid of it and would probably never go back to it if it was up to her.
Oh well, Joss is right, he's got a killer cast on Angel and a great season going. Who needs her.
Cancelled is just a common Television term for a show that's not on the air anymore.
Simon - I hope there is some truth to TNT wanting another season of Angel. If Fox and the WB know there is demand for it they might be willing to keep it going themselves and Fox could count on yet another season of DVD sales revenue.
Actually back in Aug. TVGuide report from interviewing her at the teen choice awards in July she had said she had tentatively signed for 2 episodes to be shot in 2004 - now all of a sudden Joss goes from calling her Sarah to "the actress" and right before reports from her camp that she will not be returning to Angel this year. Also the comment about it being cancelled and no more kinda struck me as a bit harsh like - I don't want to talk about it type of deal. Man what I wouldn't give to be in LA on this Sun at the Comics con.

Is it just me or does anyone else think that Joss must be related to Gene Roddenberry. It's kinda spooky how much they are alike.
Hm, all I saw was Joss being kinda pissed that Sarah refused to do a guest shot she half-promised to do and he was probably pretty much counting on. I can kinda understand that.

I don't know, she's starting to openly distance herself from Buffy before the 'body' of the show is even cold and even as a fan I feel a little irked by it, let alone if I was Joss. Why would he feel particularly nice about her right now?
Nobody should be taken back by SMG changing her mind...Up till SHE decided there would not be a season eight of Buffy (and SHE was the deciding factor)SMG was constantly saying she was thinking it over and had no reached a decision concerning another year...So, if she does a 180 concerning Angel, it should be no suprise. I can understand why SMG wants distance from anything concerning Buffy but I don't have to like it...
it's seems as if with each passing second the 5th season will be angel's last...

especially with the way they are going with this season, with the shanshu prophecy being dealt with at the forefront... i can sense an end

ahhh well... as long as it goes out well, i'll live
First off, why bring Buffy back at all? I'd rather see Xander or Willow or Giles or Dawnie. In fact if they arrived at Wolfram & Hart with word that Buffy died an heroic death off camera, or just that she was off shopping in Paris with Faith and the other Slayers, I'd be content with that. SMG is right in that it's too soon. As far as I'm concerned, ever would be too soon. If SMG no longer wants to play the role that's her choice and she's well within her rights to walk away. That doesn't mean the role itself has to remain in limbo, and it doesn't mean the characters who were around her at the end of season seven are storyless without her. In fact there's more stories to tell with Buffy out of the picture. She had seven years to tell her story. Give somebody else a turn.

This must be tremendously frustrating for networks working with Mutant Enemy. Whedon's pushing for a space western that apparently no one wants to buy, but the suits would be willing to buy a continuation of the Buffy story and they can't get THE Buffy for that storytelling. No wonder Whedon's getting blackballed. "Sorry I can't sell you what you want, but here have this stuff you don't want instead." Not a good way to do business.

If you must bring the character of Buffy back, do it without SMG. There's countless actresses out there who could do just as good a job, and would work harder, and would be cheaper and less of a primadonna, because she'd know if she was too much of a pain you'll just fire her and get someone else. Buffy is bigger than SMG. About time someone got that note through to her.

There's no reason to stop telling the stories just because 'the actress' says no. Actors come a dime a dozen in Hollywood. And yes. With effort I'm sure you could find at least one with similar credentials to SMG, including martial arts experience and soap opera dramatics background. If the new talent was good enough to pull it off, I'd tune in. After all, I gave SMG a shot after Swanson crashed and burned. Why shouldn't we give another actress a shot at it?

Heck, Joss Whedon helped bring Ellen Ripley back from the dead. How would you explain the change in face? There's a number of ways.

1. Don't explain it. Same character. Different actress. Happens in soaps all the time. Don't like it? Change the channel.
2. Faith & Buffy once did the Freaky Friday thanks to some mystical device in season four. Not too difficult for the Powers That Be to whip up another one of them doodads.
3. Temporal disturbance due to Dawn's presence in the timestream as a mystic anomaly causes a retroactive backeffect. Joyce was still Dawn & Buffy's mother, but Hank was never their father.
4. Willow did some glamor on the girl because she wanted to change her appearance for awhile and hide from people whut recognized her, and when she changes her mind and wants to change back, something goes wrong and Willow can't fix her. So she's stuck looking like somebody else.
5. In a fight with a demon who bought this girl's body from a necromancer, Buffy and the demon accidently switch bodies, or maybe the demon purposefully stole Buffy's original body thinking the powers of the Slayer were inside Buffy's body. Only the slayer power jumped with Buffy's soul, into the new body, and Buffy's old body turned to dust (I mean it had already died twice so the demon stole defective merchandise).

There is a contingent of the fan base who will cry bloody murder. Let them. The show must go on.
I whole-heartedly agree with every single thing you said Zach!

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