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November 27 2010

Happy Birthday, Maurissa Tancharoen! This year brought much Mo than I can fit!

In the past solar revolution, Ms. Tancharoen co-wrote with her til-death-do-us-part-ner Jed Whedon “Meet Jane Doe” (and played Kilo with no time for a nerd convention), “The Attic”, "Epitaph Two: The Return" (and played Kilo with no mercy), the first Dollhouse comic and forthcoming episodes of Spartacus: Gods of the Arena . She also performed w00stock 2.6 LA, played a radio newscaster in her bro’s Mortal Kombat Rebirth trailer, and starred in an original video for us to celebrate the release of the Dollhouse S2 DVD. And she inspired Jed.

It's way past midnight in Austria, so it's time to wish her Happy Birthday and to thumbs up the definition of J-Mo as "to be really cool and smart."

Happy birthday Maurissa! If there was a web award for best rising star she would have it.
Happy Birthday!
Judging by recent twitter postings, looks like she's celebrating in Gotham
Happy Birthday, Mo!

I'm a big fan of your work...writing, singing, speaking, and dancing. *holding up my beer in's a fine IPA, if that matters*
That photo makes me question whether that really is Lemonade in Jed's glass.

Happy birthday Ms Maurissa Tancharoen [Whedon ?] esq. and oodles more (that's the metric oodle BTW). I'd raise a glass to you but i'm currently very much in the state that follows having raised several glasses so I hereby raise one of those to you retrospectively.
Happy Birthday Maurissa!
Happy birthday to my fellow asian.
Happy Birthday Mo, hope you had a great day.
Happy Birthday Maurissa!
The urbandictionary link made me smile because as well as saying its "to be cool and smart", number 4 says this.

Happy Birthday Maurissa!
Happy birthday Maurissa!
Happy birthday, Mo! This is as good a reason as any to listen to Remains for the thousandth time. I wish she and the Whedon brothers had started writing with Joss on his shows earlier than Dollhouse, because they're all fantastic together.

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...and many mo, Mo! I'll watch Remains yet again and drain a glass of whatever I can cobble together.
Happy birthday Mo!
Grrrr, I am a day late, so Happy Belated Birthday Maurissa!
Thanks to our collective clickage, we have made the top definition of definition of J-Mo "to be really cool and smart." Woot!

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