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November 28 2010

From cineplex to console. IFC's list of 26 movies that supposed to be made into video games.

Wow, their description of District 9 was very overly simplistic. The first half was social commentary and the second half was popcorn flick? That's not what I saw. The second half was the psychological exploration of a man transforming into the very thing he'd been oppressing. A direct extension of the social commentary of the first half of the movie.
Sorry, this comment was pretty irrelevant to the website I'm posting it on.
a Serenity videogame needs to be an open world action rpg with a great storyline. So, a Bethesda meets Bioware kind of affair. That is all.
I'm not sure if I should be horrified or impressed that someone even thought about making a Funny Games video game.
Why choose just one ? ;)

The idea of making a 'Bullitt' game also leaves me conflicted (albeit in a different way) although I agree with the article in that I always saw 'Driver' as a lot like 'Bullitt: The Game' anyway (even though it's actually more or less 'The Driver: The Game').

And yep, maybe slightly simplistic on 'District 9', both halves are commentary as far as i'm concerned, it just started out more abstract and then zeroed in to the human level (with added guns and 'splosions ;).
Sorry, GreatMuppetyOdin, I'd have to agree with them. The first half was some of the most unique and flawless cinema I've ever seen, but the second half wasted a lot of what the first had built up to degenerate into a typical explosions blockbuster. Where you saw psychological exploration, I just saw giant robots fighting.
I thought Bungie was an inspired choice for a Serenity game. A Firefly game, on the other hand, would probably be different.
Not sure what Halo games IFC played if they think that series lacks personality... I do think that Bungie would be good at space combat type games, however. Unfortunately that has nothing to do with Firefly or Serenity. As much as I like the franchise, I don't think it would be suited for a video game as much as Buffy and Angel are.
Oh wow, really disagree. You could do a space shooter set during the war (the Browncoats must've had combat ships too right ? Hard to see them putting up any resistance if the Alliance effectively ruled the skies) or a space trading sort of thing (like 'Elite' but with more of a narrative), a MMO style game, a horror game (think Reavers), an RTS, even a point and click adventure would suit Serenifly, the universe is rich enough to support all kinds of games IMO (not necessarily focussing on the crew of Serenity but even there I can see possibilities).
What makes Firefly so special is the characters, so I'd want any game to focus on them. The show seems perfect for a Mass Effect / Knights of the Old Republic style RPG. The ship, the characters and several worlds are already designed. You play as the crew, fly about in Serenity, visit the different worlds and take missions. Some of it could be taken straight from the show. Plot-wise, the Alliance, Blue Sun and the Reavers would all need to feature, but the River story line feels like it's been done enough, so you might need something new - perhaps involving the Browncoats.

Damn, I want that game so fricking bad. Obviously I'm in the Bioware camp. Bungie doesn't make sense to me. Halo and Firefly might both be sci-fi, but they could hardly be more different.

Of the other films listed, Crank pretty much suggests itself, but Kill Bill, Escape from New York and The Rock would also be great.

My suggestions - Shaun of the Dead could be a Dead Rising type game, but done in a British style, which would be awesome and Battle Royale could be an online combat game, but done in a Japanese style, which would be banned everywhere else. ;)

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@nyrk: That would be my dream game. Hell, any Bethesda/BioWare collaboration would be my dream game.
@Chrisham2 yes, yes, yes... What those two companies do great would complement what they don't do as well so perfectly... *huge sigh*

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