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November 29 2010

(SPOILER) Soulless Sam is as awesome as clueless Anya. "In the last episode of 'Supernatural,' we finally got the humor in Sam's situation that I've been waiting for. And dang it, if he didn't remind me of 'Buffy's' Anya in all her logical (and completely un-empathetic) glory."

Yeah, and I have the same problem with both characters - Anya has spent 1200 years manipulating people, yet doesn't know what motivates them? Sam knows enough to lie, but then asks why he's lying? Neither has recently arrived on this planet; both have spent their entire existences observing what regular people are like, even if they aren't regular people. It's like Brennan on "Bones" writing best sellers and yet being totally ignorant of modern motivations and pop culture.
I've found soulless Sam alternately amusing and disturbing thus far. It's been fun.
As much as I like Sam pre-losing his soul, in a way it almost seems like this is a natural progression of his character. Like at some point the two brothers were going to be so completely driven apart that it couldn't be repaired (which I know is an early prediction, but that's where I see things going).

As for the Anya comparison, I'm not sure it holds up. Anya genuinely couldn't understand people after spending so long not being human. And because she didn't understand, she tried her best to learn. Sam on the other hand, just doesn't give a shit. I don't think he asked why he's lying because he didn't understand the concept, it was more "why am I not supposed to lie when it's obviously beneficial to me?"

Sorry, that was more long-winded than I intended. I really hope my large collection of useless pop-culture knowledge parlays itself into a lucrative career one of these days. ;)
I wouldn't have had a problem with Anya not understanding human culture if she'd been observing it from afar and not interacting with it. However, she was a vengeance demon. She used people's innermost desires against them. You have to have some understanding of innermost desires and how they work in order to twist them, sort of like you have to understand chess to play. I could see if Anya simply went, "Wow, these human emotions are really uncomfortable, no wonder they make everybody behave so badly," but to act like she didn't understand them *when she'd been manipulating them for 1200 years* seemed just a bit weird. Likewise, I understand Sam not caring, but virtually every child gets a lecture on telling the truth at some point. Some kids don't, but it seems like Sam would have received lots of discussions about lies and truth in his upbringing. He doesn't *care*, but unless he's meant to have amnesia, he would be familiar with the commonly-understood argument for telling the truth.
I think what it comes down to is with no conscious, no emotional connection to the things they have knowledge of as fact and what is appropriate, they can not correctly apply that knowledge, nor, can they decipher why they should.

In Anyas case, it could be said that despite her 1200 years, she spent it very focused on specific aspects of human behavior, and tho' she was witness to all that history, she sort of lived in a bubble, where she never learned social mores, and not FEELING the human emotion behind what motivates said mores, she just can;t connect it.

Sam was damn creepy when lucifer was controlling him, and i keep seeing flashes of that in soulless Sam. A specific look in J.P.'s eyes.. its creepy.

Even demoned out Anya was never creepy.

Its all a moral play, soul equals emotion, heart, empathy, love...
yadda yadda... same story different dance.
Remember that Anya was a social outcast even before she became a demon. Her fellow villagers used to tell her that “her questions were irksome, and perhaps she should take her furs and her literal interpretations to the other side of the river.”

I think she was in denial and would pretend that her awkwardness and poor social skills was because she had been a demon, when really she had trouble interacting with people before that. I have no doubt that being a demon for so long was part of it but it's not the whole story.
Anya not understanding death was the only time I cried in The Body. Sam has been a problem for me, but this last ep was LOL funny, but I do want his soul and brotherly love back before the end of this season.

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