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November 29 2010

Mark Watches Firefly. Mark, of 'Mark Reads Harry Potter' and 'Mark Reads Twilight' fame posted his first review of Firefly today. Please note, he is watching an episode a day and would not like to be spoiled.

I'm thinking QMx needs to bring out a Firefly apple peeler. This looks like it could be a fun set of articles, cheers for bringing it over.
Always interesting to see a fresh set of eyes discovering and appreciating Firefly.

And I second the call for a Firefly Apple Peeler- as long as it does not cost $395.00.
Always interesting and always envy inducing, he's in for a treat. Hard to say much else without spoiling.

That apple peeler looks fairly easy to make (and i'm not much of a maker of things really). You basically need:

1 sharp pointy thing you can stick an apple on
1 blade you can slide in and out to adjust for different size apples

The rest is just in how you put them together. I'll happily try to make one for $295.00. Any takers ?
For curiosity's sake, I looked "apple peeler" on Amazon. It looks like they have very similar models for a more affordable $20 :)
$20 you say ? Umm, anyone want to buy 2000 sharp pointy things you can stick an apple on ? I suddenly seem to have no suckers use for them.
Yay! So glad this has been posted here. I adore Mark, his reviews are great.
Witnessing someone becoming a Browncoat? Priceless!
I'm feeling kinda jealous of his treat. And I can tell too, that he's picking up much more for his first time viewing than I certainly did.

"Any takers?"

Not when you can get one for under $30 $20. :-) They are indeed cool, gadgety, and work quite well if your apples aren't old and softening. Mine can core, peel, and slice--separately or together. But they're really most useful if you need a lot of apples done. I don't think I'd shell out the money for one; mine was a gift. (They were invented by the Shakers BTW, along with the clothes pin.)

What would a "Firefly" apple peeler look like... Maybe it would light up as it spun the apple and have the Serenity logo? Hmmm, ya know, if you squint, doesn't it sort of look like a skeletal little baby Serenity?
Oh thank you for posting this! I had just started following him, and now I see that Mark is going to be having an intense December since he is reading 'Hunger Games' and reviewing that at the same time (intense for him, fun for me getting to witness both that good book AND Firefly!).
I was hoping someone would get around to linking this. Remember though, NO SPOILERS. This can never be emphasized enough.

Also, any Harry Potter fans out there should totally check out Mark Reads Harry Potter. It was an epic journey.
When I was younger I read a ton of novels. Thing is, even though I could remember which ones I liked, I literally would forget all but the most salient characters and plot points. This meant I got to read my favorite books each year and it was almost like reading them for the first time. Now that is probably nothing to brag about but I sure did get a lot of enjoyment out of it.

I've often thought about that and wished I could do it selectively. Imagine if you could watch Serenity and after a day or two of savoring it, have it completely wiped from memory so you could watch it all over again anew (a la Groundhog Day). That's the kind of amnesia/senility/memory loss I could get down with.
Selective, possibly temporary amnesia?

Sounds like something Dollhouse tech could handle....
Yes! Finally a reason to contract with the Dollhouse. Uh, other than the sex I mean. Excellent observation not_Bridget.

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