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November 29 2010

Eliza Dushku lands TNT pilot. Bird Dog, from longtime television director Mike Robe, casts Dushku as a cop who solves mysteries with her cop pop.

Good for Eliza. Seems like the writer/director of this project does seriously old school TV. Not positive that is a good thing, but I suppose this will come down to casting the father. Should be interesting to see how this project plays out (or doesn't).

I'm more excited about the D.B. Sweeney pilot from Dean (Leverage) Devlin. :)
I'm excited for her however that show would not be one I'd check out if it weren't for her. So I hope that it is a good show. But seriously, so happy for her. <3
It sound like it has an interesting hook on the cop show so I'll check out if it ever comes to the UK.
'Brain Trust' sounds more interesting as a premise (and will help fill that post 'Rubicon' think tank shaped hole in my viewing habits) but i'll watch 'Bird Dog' for Eliza (it's the kind of show I might check out anyway but it'd still depend on the leads just because with a show like that it, y'know, depends on the leads).
I think, as with most things, I'll watch if there's enough buzz surrounding it. It sounds potentially great, though a lot of it will come down to the form it takes. TNT do some nice television, so hopefully it goes down well with them. And obviously, awesome for Eliza. Sounds like the type of thing that's made for her (a lot of heart/emotion, mixed with some hard-boiled action stuff).

So, yay!
I'm not too sure about the premise, it doesn't sound brilliant. The part that she'll be playing sounds good for her though and anything with Eliza in is deffinitely worth a watch. She's Brilliant.
If they get Keith Mars to play her dad, I'm even more in than I already am. ;)
Happy for Eliza Will check it out!
This sounds awesome! I am glad Eliza will be back on television!
Inevitable Betrayal, it's a pilot. There is no guarantee that it will be on TV. People jump to this conclusion every single time a pilot is announced. It probably has a 25% chance of making it to a TV at the most once a pilot is shot.That means there is a 75% chance that no one will ever see it.
Heh, figured that was you even before checking your previous comments TamaraC (not in the bad way, i'm no disser of consistency ;).
Ha! Yes I changed my name here to match what I use elsewhere on the Internet. Didn't mean to fool anyone. I'm sure my tone will always be the same. Cheers. :)

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