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November 29 2010

What's Nathan Fillion's secret to staying sexy? Nathan's page in People's 2010 Sexiest Men issue is number 110.

Nathan Fillion wrote
"I put something for Firefly in the People Magazine shot. Anyone spot it yet?"

Is there a link to the actual page, rather than a video? It won't play for me (most likely because I'm on dial-up).

And I think Nathan was at his sexiest in Serenity when Inara's wave came and woke Mal up. Half asleep, half naked, buff, scarred, flustered. I love my cap'n.
He's Canadian. We're all sexy here.
It isn't makeup or lighting, Dear Nate.
110 out of 100 is just painfully hilarious. Sorry, Nathan!
anyone have a link that works out of the country?
Here's a transcript for those who can't see of the 41 second spot, with an attempt to explain Nathan's expressive gestures:

(Nathan in dark plaid shirt, sleeves rolled up, collar undone, sits in front of a giant glass window. Outside the window is a tropical and flowering landscaped garden around a pool.)

"The first time I was told I was going to be in the "Sexiest Man Alive People Magazine issue," (hands coming together to clasp in front of chest) I said, "FINALLY!" (arms apart, raised up to shoulder height with emphatic fists in a subdued 'Yes!' gesture)

"And then the next time, this time (hand with index finger extended down, empahsizing the word 'time' twice), I was told that I was going to be in the Sexiest Man Alive Issue (hands neutral, in lap) I said, "Really--I mean, FINALLY! AGAIN. (Arms raised with fists, in a subdued 'Yes!' gesture while looking straight into the camera, at you)

"I never know who's sexy. My gauge is terrible. (makes a waving, needle-like guage gesture with right arm) So, I turn to People Magazine. Because People Magazine knows. (leans forward, looks into camera, head cocked with ham-y 'trust me' charm) I like to think (points right index finger at head) people know who's sexy. So I turn to people, (camera moves in closer, Nathan looks straight into camera) to know who's sexy. (blinks more than a couple of times)

"To stay looking sexy (head turns to side and hand touches mouth in slight parody of thinking), I rely a great deal on (starts counting on fingers): clever make-up artists, good lighting, and a special computer (mimics typing) that they... (circles flat palm in front of face)"

(I've no idea what the Firefly thing is. Maybe they edited it out? Or maybe it's too damn early for only five hours of sleep. I don't think I missed anything important. Someone check me, please.)
Here's a scan of his page in People magazine.

It's the picture that has the Firefly item, not the video.
Ah, thanks IrishGirl! Mal's gun. Love him!
@BreathesStory you're diamond for putting all that up, cheers!
Did anybody happen to see the last episode of Castle? Another Firefly reference in the episode by Nathan. Pretty damn funny. Basically he speaks Chinese and when Beckett asks if he took classes he basically says no....I learned it from this TV show I used to watch.

Freaking hilarious.
Because he's funny and self-deprecating and loves his fandom. OH, and the Buchananity.

Helps, too, that he's hot.
"I really am ruggedly handsome." LOVE that line! Makes me think of Giles every single time. :-D

DarenG Yeah, we had a thread here right after the episode aired. A few people felt the line was phrased wrong - "a TV show I used to love" made it sound, to some, like he no longer loved it, not that it was off the air.


Is anyone keeping count of the references? The most obvious, of course, was the Halloween episode where he had on his Mal outfit in the beginning. Then there was the engine part on the bookshelf, and the Mandarin in this last episode. Surely there's been more?

Oh, and...a Rebel pilot helmet and Darth Vader's helmet. What a big geek!
Thanks, BreathesStory! I couldn't watch the video either.

Those page numbers include lots of full page ads and articles.

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