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November 30 2010

Vote for your favourite Christmas episodes. Buffy's "Amends" is one of the choices in this SFX poll.

Amends is fine, but Pangs gets my vote for best holiday ep, even over the Halloween episodes. Always a good time.
Pangs isn't a Christmas episode is it? I thought it was Thanksgiving. I enjoy that one a lot, but I love Amends. It is the first time we really get to see the pain Angel suffers for the deeds of his vampire self. It also has that miracle snow which some don't like, but I am a romantic and I loved it. Christmas is a time for miracles after all.
The snow in Amends always bothers me - not the miracle part though, the part where it's all over the streets and looks absolutely nothing like freshly fallen snow. Ah well.
Amends isn't my favorite Christmas ep ever, but I think it might beat many on that list.
I agree, Rachelkachel. It should have been a smooth blanket of glittery whiteness, not lumpy cotton-looking stuff. I hate it when nit-picky things like that spoil otherwise lovely and heartwarming scenes for me. Not unlike how Angel's reflection showing up in the water in that alley at the end of the opening credits for all five seasons of his show mars what is otherwise my favorite theme song of all time.
Yes it's Thanksgiving. Was just comparing the holiday episodes to one another. It is my favorite holiday episode.
I was surprised (and pleased) to see a "Journeyman" episode on the poll ... I thought I was the only person in the world who still missed that show. (Everyone time I see Kevin McKidd on "Grey's", a little part of me cries because I want him to still be Dan Vassar.)
Willowy, it's your favorite holiday episode so far; someday I'm going to write an Arbor Day episode that just knocks your socks off.
Amends is a fabulous episode for sure. Great to get another Buffy mention in the media. Gotta love it.
I also miss 'Journeyman' erendis (moreso because we didn't even get a DVD release, nor does one look to be on the cards) but in common with a lot of the shows on there, I don't think the Christmas episode was fantastic or even as Christmassy as other eps. that weren't set at Christmas (if that makes any sense at all).

Christmas is about connections with other people for me, hopefulness, looking forward etc. and on that basis i'd put 'Journeyman's final episode ahead because of the sense of "something" being there to look out for us and the lovely little exchange at the end between Dan and Katie (where he says he'll always come home to her and she says "Well then, i'll leave a light on" - got something in my eye when I first saw that ;). Likewise there's an episode of 'The Dead Zone' called 'Precipitate' where Johnny has a blood transfusion and sees several people's futures, one of which ends in death. It's a great episode about our interconnectedness with each other, about how even the smallest act of kindness can change the world. A very Christmas message in other words, even though it's not set then.

So of the list I don't have much trouble voting 'Amends' since it's actually set at Christmas and it's a lovely episode about hope and second chances (and yep, dodgy looking snow ;).
METAI,thank you! I always hoped that someone would give Arbor Day its due. ;)
Hey, now. Let's try and be at least a little up to date and PC about this. Arbor Day is a little exclusionary, what with it's championing of vegetation that is limited to the tree variety. If ManEnoughToAdmitIt is going to go to all the trouble of writing a holiday episode, I vote for Earth Day. It at least includes all the vegetables along with the minerals and animals too.
OK, I totally googled 'Arbor day' thinking "It'll turn out to just be a pun on BreathesStory's part" but nope, you actually have a tree day. And not only that but bloody loads of countries around the world also do (though not always on the same day - stupid axial tilt).

Madly cool.

(obviously a holiday to celebrate putting things in boxes is perfectly sensible though)

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