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December 18 2003

Buffy S5 and Firefly DVD Giveaway. About a third of the way down the page under - This Week's Contests, they have 5 sets of each to give-a-way courtesy of Fox!

This contest runs from December 08 to January 04, 2004. You can enter once a day.

Man that's tempting to enter. They're giving away a lot of other nice boxed sets as well, however...

...I really don't like the sounds of the whole "by entering this contest you consent to the use of your e-mail address in future mailing lists at..." etc. Usually contest forms give you the OPTION of deciding whether or not you want to receive junk from the website. How legit is DVD Angle anyway, how long have they been around?

Too bad too, 'cause for once the contest is open to Canadians.

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