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November 30 2010

Buffy Season 8 Motion Comic poster art contest. Only for US residents though. Design a poster for the motion comic and get $500 dollars, the Blu-ray & DVD combo and a signed copy of their poster. Four runners-up will also receive the Blu-ray & DVD combo.

"The Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 8 Motion Comic Poster Art Contest (the "Contest") is open only to legal residents of fifty (50) United States or the District of Columbia who are at least the age of majority in the state in which they reside as of November 29th, 2010".

I'm fussy on the rules, in case people are allowed to use their own art, use textures other people have made (after asking for permission of course) or other comic images than the ones they provide (in a file at the top of the page).


Nevermind I found it.

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Who is the poster signed by I wonder?
a beautifully crafted motion comic using original artwork from the series' 39 issues released between 2007 and today.

I thought the motion comic consisted of the first 19 issues? I'm assuming we'll get the 8.5 DVD somewhere down the line.
I'm sure 8.5 is completely dependent on how well this first one sells.
Who is the poster signed by I wonder?

The artist, of course.
These download packs, to create posters, usually contain really neat high-res images. In this case, not so much, per their request that people draw *their own* "original art inspired by the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 Motion Comic plotlines, scenes or their own interpretations of what happens to Buffy and her fellow Slayers...". Not worth the download unless you're going to do that, imo.
Every time I read a mention of these Season 8 motion comics, I'm reminded of the fact that the artists and writers who actually created these comics aren't being compensated for their work.

No thanks. I'll never be buying these. It saddens me that the average fan isn't aware of this blatant profiteering.
I'm with ya Emmie! How can a company sell someone else's hard work & not pay them for it? Oh...It's Fox! It's BS! I want to get the DVD, but I just don't feel right contributing to this. Plus, I still find it weird listening to the voice's of these motion comic characters & NOT recognizing any of them. Ya know? Maybe that's just me...
Actually Emmie & SLayerOfTheVampires...the images were licensed from Dark Horse comics and the original artists were already paid for their work when they created the motion comic. Designers are encouraged to create their OWN artwork, but stock images are available to those artists that want to participate but don't have original artwork.

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