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November 30 2010

An interview with Zack Whedon. He'll be doing a Q&A along with Chris Samnee tonight in Portland, OR to promote 'Serenity: The Shepherd's Tale'. If you can't make it, you can always participate via Skype.

I have to tell you Simon, this is a wonderful reminder to actually read The Shepherd's Tale. I JUST took it out of the mailing container from TFAW and it is gorgeous. I've been under the weather so didn't unwrap til now. The event almost makes me wish I still lived in Portland. Hope everyone involved has a great time and we get an inkling of the Q&A later.
It is a great read. Did anyone here get a chance to take part in the Q&A?
Here are some tidbits from the evening, pulled from my tweets.

* "I wanted to watch it." - Zack on why he picked "Objects in Space" as the episode screened tonight.
* "'Cause it's so dang good." - Zack on why "Out of Gas" is his favorite episode.
* "That is the entire inspiration for Captain Hammer." - Zack on Mal's "I knew you kissed her, too" in "Our Mrs. Reynolds".
* "I get all those songs stuck in my head. It's annoying." - Zack when asked if he gets his Commentary! song stuck in his head.

Chris Samnee said that he had all the companion books around while drawing the book, and he read the bit where the costume designer had not been able to get Jayne into a flamingo shirt, so he drew him in one. So I tweeted: "Does @trpcic know that in The Shepherd's Tale artist @ChrisSamnee put Jayne in a flamingo shirt? (He just mentioned this.)" She tweeted back: "OMG!! I had no idea!" I then got the microphone to tell Chris all of that.

(To which Zack, not overly a Twitter fan, piped up with, "There *is* a use for Twitter!")

Then mainly I spent the signing across the street drinking beer and talking about television and Rubicon with Eliza Clark.
Neat. And I want a beer now.
Just finished it:

Thank you for reading. It's been fun. -- Zack.

No Zack, thank you. Lots of emotion. Tears.

Worth the wait since Ron announced it would happen almost two years ago on the Browncoat Cruise.
Thank you for the play-by, b!x!

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