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November 30 2010

Read an essay from "Whedonistas". It's called "The Girls Next Door: Learning to Live with the Living Dead and Never Even Break a Nail" and it's about Buffy and her fandom.

Nice and not hagiographic!
Quite interesting. I disagree on the dislike of seasons 6 and 7 and don't remember anyone saying that there was no way Season 2 would be able to match Season 1 but everything else was pretty spot on and/or illuminating and/or just an interesting take.
Oh, and she mentions Swans Crossing, bonus points!
Yeah, a really nicely written individual fan's perspective. I also don't agree about the last two seasons (particularly on going off Buffy - I only ever went off her when I was meant to if you see what I mean, making mistakes made her human and being human made her heroic) but that people disagree on that issue isn't exactly news ;).

(and whatever I may think of the original movie, Pike was indeed pretty cool)
Nothing fascinating there really, just another fan's story. Makes me sad I was watching in Britain and didn't understand internet forums when Buffy first aired though, I never had debates about the show while it was ongoing.

I too disagree about the final two seasons, 7 in particular. This part in particular:

The mythology warped and twisted back along itself until Buffy Summers, the girl who once railed against the unfairness of being Chosen, looked at a squadron of girls who were just like she’d been and took away their right to Choose.

I guess I didn't interpret Buffy the same way but while she may have put up with a lot of crap for being chosen and moaned about it, she never considered that there was a choice in being chosen, yknow? I don't think Buffy ever seriously considered walking away from being the chosen one, except for the summer after series 2, and the bam, you get Anne and all is well.

So she didn't give the girls a choice to not be chosen in season 7 (well unless slayer or death is a choice) but bloody hell, they were facing the end of the world and thsoe girls were getting murdered one by one. I don't think it is unreasonable to be like, shit guys, sorry we can't give you a few years to work this through personally, there's a lot on the line here.
True but that makes it a pragmatic choice, people can (and do) still take issue with the morality of it (it's saved from being too high-handed and autocratic because - unlike with her previous "plan" - she genuinely asks the others what they think but it's still a few people deciding to fundamentally change the lives of thousands without consent).

Makes me sad I was watching in Britain and didn't understand internet forums when Buffy first aired though, I never had debates about the show while it was ongoing.

Heh, that part just reminded me why I ran a mile when I first looked at the Buffy forums ;).
Well, like it or not, if we are talking about the chapter we are reading it. :-) I think it is always good to hear alternative perspectives on Buffy, even when I do not agree with them, though here I sort of do (but I am not a fan of S6 or 7).
Saje, Pike was cool, and I have to agree with Kelly S. in the articles comments, everyone should read the graphic novel version of the comic, lots of Pike-y goodness and he is a great character.

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