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November 30 2010

'Torchwood' adds Whedonverse producer. Kelly Manners, who worked on Buffy, Angel and Dollhouse, has joined the BBC/Starz show.


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So. Is this next season/series going to be awesome, or is it going to be awesome?

I expect it to far surpass seasons 1 and 2 and hopefully be on par with Children of Earth.

Unfortunately, I don't think anything is going to get me as excited for Torchwood as I am for Doctor Who, namely because I just don't like the characters in TW as much as DW.
Ooh...and Bharat Nalluri. I like his work too, Life on Mars and Outcasts and they didn't even mention Spooks. This is shaping up to be some good TV!
VeryVeryCrowded: I'm with you on that last part. Torchwood's main disadvantage, IMO, is that it lacks the Doctor. Still, I thought CoE was excellent and I'm looking forward to this next season. With this many great people involved, it darn well better be awesome.
'Torchwood' is a different beastie, able to do different things to 'Doctor Who' (you would, for instance, never, ever in a million years see Jack's "solution" from CoE on 'Doctor Who' or even on a 'Torchwood' with The Doctor as a main character), plenty of room for both.

And yep, not heard bad news yet WRT the people who're working on this only more reasons to be optimistic (with all the usual "plenty of slips 'twixt cup and lip" caveats).
Are you an unemployed Whedonverse Writer/Actor/Director/Producer? Head to Starz! You'll get to work until your genre heart is content. Seriously. I can't wait for this.
They killed off all the characters I didn't like so I'm good to watch this. Too bad no Capt. John, though. IMO they had something good the first time they used him and then messed around with him too much when they brought him back. I can see why they would leave him be, but it is still unfortunate.

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