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December 01 2010

10 Funny Sci-Fi Episodes! Some of our favorite episodes in the Whedonverse make the list!

That is a pretty good list. It made me smile just to think of some of those episodes.

Did anyone else end up getting sucked in and spend their lunch hour re-watching "Trials and Tribble-ations?" Gawd, that was good! What a clever bit of writing. I hadn't seen that episode since it first aired. And the theme for DS9 still gives me goosebumps. It's got that epic-y space feeling of greatness combined with with a personal, bringing it home feel.

And speaking of Wonder Woman (We just were, right?), you couldn't ask for a better look-a-like than Terry Farell back then.
Yeah, not bad though i'd swap either the mentioned 'Wormhole Extreme' or 'Window of Opportunity' in for SG1, '200' was great fun but it felt slightly forced, didn't flow quite as naturally as 'Wormhole Extreme' (the 100th episode). Full of the little knowing nods and winks that made SG1 such a fun show though.

As well as the other options they mention for X-FIles i'd have to stick "Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose" in any list of funny eps. For Buffy I might have 'Something Blue' instead (or as well preferably) and for 'Angel' 'Spin the Bottle' surely has to be in there but both didn't really need to do funny episodes because pretty much every single one had some funny in it.

And yep, 'Trials and Tribbleations' is a bit of a classic. Trek was slightly too solemn to really pull off funny episodes but TaT is a rare exception, a really funny, affectionate piss-take that's never too disrespectful of what went before.
For me the funniest Buffy episode was Life Serial. It cracks me up every time!!
For Buffy, I think "Band Candy" is the most consistently funny--there are others, like OMWF or Hush, that have vastly funnier moments, but they're mixed with drama or horror.

I was delighted to see that Babylon 5 scene; G'Kar's reactions are comic gold.
Yes, to "Band Candy!" I'd also like to nominate for Funniest Buffy Episode: "Superstar" and "Tabula Rasa."
Let me third and second (resp.) the love for "Trials and Tribbleations" and DS9's opening theme (it gives me goosebumps too!).

I also have fond memories of Trouble With Tribbles too. I used to have a "photo comic" version of it that I read till it fell apart completely (and a few times after that), my first encounter with Star Trek.

On top of my hat Earshot is the funniest Buffy episode I can think of. But Once more with feeling and Selfless are of course also amazing, (as are a whole host of others).
I'm partial to Buffy vs. Dracula, Something Blue, but there are many great comedic episodes to choose from, including the Thanksgiving special, Pangs. So gratified to see Bad Blood on the list, as I have seen it over and over - never ever fails to make me laugh, especially Mulder's line to Scully: Don't say I never did nothin' fer ya (making fun of his version of Lucius Hartwell and Scully's overt attraction to him).

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Has to be Band Candy. Was at a convention recently where ASH and Robin Sachs did a (hilarious) live commentary on it, since then it's the funniest episode for me.

As for Angel, Spin The Bottle. It's just hilarious.
Yes to all the Spin the Bottle love. Wesley's reversion is just too hilarious. Oh, and the car-demons! I always thought Smile Time was just a tiny bit overrated, despite having classic funny moments.

For Buffy, either Something Blue or Life Serial.
"They are Klingons." pauses uncomfortably "It is a... long story."

My favorite DS9 episode paying homage to my favorite TOS episode. That's a win-win for me.

To this day, my friend & I can't pass any swampy area without saying "It's a wetlund." (There aren't too many other quotable X-lines.)

But I'd have to say lines like these will stick with me forever:

"Oh, look - a box of farm-fresh chicken."

"I'm your Watcher and you do what I say! Now sod off!"

"You don't have to tell me twice....well, actually, you did, but...bye!"

"Buffy, you do realize the parking brake's on?" "Uh-huh."

"Whoa, Summers! You drive like a spaz!"

"That's what smoking will do to you. Now be quiet."
That would probably be my last choice for funniest BtS eps. Behind Pangs, Life Serial, Something Blue, Triangle, Storyteller, The Zeppo and Band Candy.
Something Blue always gets my vote as overall funniest, though I laugh during the others mentioned. BB&B is down my funny list a bit, though still there.
"Can I be blind, too?" Something Blue and Tabula Rasa top a long list of hilarious Buffy episodes, but my favorite is Dopplegangland.

Then there was Firefly... My two very favorite, very funny episodes were Our Mrs. Reynolds and Jaynestown. They may be two of the funniest episodes of any television series.
Dopplegangland is very high on my list of the funny too.
Amen Neb14+, Our Mrs Reynolds is as funny as anything Joss has written. Jaynestown would have fit on the list too. Oh well!
"Unexpectedly Funny" Buffy episodes? Did these people even watch the show? And add my vote for Doppelgangland.

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