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December 02 2010

Sideshow Collectibles teases upcoming Buffy figures. Looks like we'll be getting Willow and Faith maquettes.

Wow. Will never wore a red miniskirt during her "bookish geek" days, which is the time frame I assume they're intending w/the sneakers & backpack. Plus? Her eyes are green, not blue. And...she never wore a miniskirt that mini.

Faith in a sports bra and low-riders? Not going at all for the sex appeal here, are they?

I do like Faith standing on the hand. I assume a zombie hand, since a vamp arm wouldn't exist disconnected from its owner.

And...why is Willow standing on Gachnar's pentagram? Way out of my price range for one thing, and not my cuppa anyway. Even though I'd love to have a Faith to add to my Scoobies, this one isn't it.
They're not my cup of tea either. I find them a bit tacky.
They totally just aged Willow by about 20 years.
In 2007, Sideshow got in similar trouble for their overly sexualized statue of Mary Jane from Spiderman. Nothing wrong if they'd captured Willow's real sexuality, but this is just the high-gloss, fake sort of sexuality that male sculptors are known for. Guess Sideshow didn't learn anything from the Mary Jane fiasco.

Faith looks ok, if only because Faith used that kind of high-gloss sexuality herself. But the statue's body looks more like the body of Jolene Blalock than Eliza.
It's as if they got their visual references from a tawdry porn parody of BtVS.
For some reason, Willow looks like Amy in this to me... there's just something about her face. But yeah, not so much. Willow would never wear that!
they all look like whores. I wonder why a fan of (especially) this show would be interested in turning all the female characters into whores. just doesn't make any sense.
Because Sideshow is pandering to the collectors market that seems to consist of mainly men, and who seem to love this sort of stuff.

I think the Willow in particular fails on so many levels it's just not true. How can they dress her as early season Willow and yet make her look like that??

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What's next? Xander in his speedo? Naked Spike? At least in the interest of fairness.
Willow looks like a tranny. Yikes.
I don't know, sueworld2003... If I were male I would feel insulted. why is it still ok to talk down to men like this? I mean, ok... I know most of them don't mind, but we're talking about buffyfans here. am I really giving them too much credit?
Most people I know who collect these Buffy figures are women. So maybe they don't know their own market.

Or maybe they're meant to compliment the tooned up figures - the sexed up ones.

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