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December 03 2010

(SPOILER) interview with Scott Allie about Buffy Season 8 #39. Contains some hints about #40 and Season 9. The first 2 parts are Buffy-centric, the third is more focused on Scott's other projects.

I just became a member so I can't post yet. I subscribe to tfaw so i watched it this morning. I was hoping no one else posted it before i could. (I know it sounds very school yard but as i said: New member) it's a really great interview, loved all the hints about #40. can't wait for January 19th
I can′t wait for the issue #40 and the Season 9!!! I loved following the comic over the years. Buffy lives on..It is such an amazing world with some of the best characters ever created! Thanks Joss and everyone else..
I canít wait for 8.40. It sounds like itís going to be a true character piece and I think itís a wise decision to have it take place sometime after all the chaos of the last arc. I also love the idea of Buffy returning to her roots and hunting for a vampire (to set the tone for a more ďhumbleĒ S9) and I hope itís Harmony who sheís after.
Or it could be Angel whom she's trying to kill.
I do hope issue #40 also touches on Faith, what she's planning to do and her relationship with Buffy.
I would have loved to see there reactions to Giles dying. them getting themselves together and leaving Sunnydale but that's okay. allowing Buffy to get back to what she's best at it great. focusing more on characters and dialogue is great. Having Joss' undevided writing attention again is AWESOME! I think this issue is gonna be incredible. we can only hope i guess.

Or it could be Angel whom she's trying to kill.

I heard there would be NO scenes between Buffy and Angel so most likley not him. Can't wait to see the incredible thing Faith does. see how Buffy is coping and see who is still yet to die
Glad that cleared two things up:

Giles didn't 'sacrifice' himself, he didn't intend to die.

Willow isn't insane.

I'd have asked Scott whether issue 40 spends enough time focusing on the emotional resonance of Giles' death - Giles is my favourite character, and I'd be entirely happy with this epilogue issue focussing on his death (Joyce got a whole episode, I want an issue just for Rupert!) :(
I actually never got the impression that Willow had gone insane. The way Georges drew her, I immediately got that she was devastated, and lost, but not insane. Her reaction was very akin to when she finally broke down and accepted that Tara was gone. Actually, more so in "TKIM" since it was there that she let Tara go, and that loss was greater than just losing Tara, since this time, she let go.
I wanna see Giles' funeral and the characters mourning Giles. I hope it doesn't go like AtS S5 with Angel and the fang gang not mourning Cordelia.
Well seeing how in these comics Joss seems to like to fast forward past any follows ups of characters actions, then I'm not holding my breath.

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Sosa Lola, the lack of mourning for Cordy always bothered me....when I heard the title for the following episode was 'why we fight', i thought we were going to have a very different episode from what we had.
He seems to have confirmed that Dawn is still okay too.

Why We Fight is one of my least favorite episodes -- not just because I didn't care for the storyline (I've never liked the idea of characters who are hundreds of years old being involved in all the great events of history), but I didn't care for it's placement after Cordy's death. I love that they gave her a role in the big finale, but a little more grieving would've been nice.

Then again, maybe the fact that she spent the whole season to that point in a coma, everyone had already prepared for her death and grieved. Still, aside from a brief scene in "Conviction," we never even saw that.
Excellent interview. Scott Allie comes across so much better when you can hear his voice and see his face.

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