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December 03 2010

Buffy writer to adapt DC's Raven for The CW. Diego Gutierrez ('Normal Again') will write and exec produce the project.

Truth be told, I never cared much for the character until she was re-imagined for the Teen Titans 'toon, at which point she became one of my favorite animated characters. So here's hoping Diego and the Dub skew the series in that direction...although I suspect, as in so many things these days, they're going to instead try to replicate Twilight in some manner.

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Cool beans. Normal Again was such a brilliant episode.
They are lucky to have him.
I think this has proper potential, since she's a fairly unmarked character in popular culture (other than comics), this could be an awesome show. And although I don't know much about her, I think it links quite well with the io9 heroine article the other day, no? Totally watching.

That said, I'm still disappointed about The Graysons.
Kudos to the CW for bringing this series onboard. l can't wait to see how lt turns out. l wonder how NBC"s series The Cape will do in the ratings.
Love "Normal Again." Good luck, Diego Gutierrez!
Diego Gutierrez wrote one episode, but that wasn't the full extent of his involvement in Buffy: he was Joss's assistant for several years.

I'm intrigued by this project.
On one hand, totally pumped, because super heroes and Buffy writers is an awesome mix. On the other hand... the CW tends to turn out evil a lot more than it fights it, so... I'm withholding judgment.
I think its pretty even now, Nikita, Smallville, The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural are all the genre-shows against Gossip Girl, 90210, One Tree Hill/Life Unexpected and Hellcats.

I don't actually mind their line-up. I still enjoy GG an awful lot.

Of course, the evilness your referring to might be something completely different.
I loved Raven in the "Teen Titans" cartoon, and I hope she's characterized similarly. The show has potential. I hope it doesn't fail (and as someone else mentioned, become Tw*l*ght-a-cized. Then I would probably have to punch people).
Interesting that this is a project; I have little faith in Gutierrez as a writer... Good luck?
Can't wait! I hope this also means we'll see other Titans show up eventually on the show, especially Gar. (Though I doubt they'd keep his green skin on the CW.) Her ties to Brother Blood would make him a likely antagonist, too.

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