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December 05 2010

"If I Were A Robot." - Ballads to the Buffy Big Bads #4 by Karuna Tanahashi. Karuna Tanahashi who gave us such great songs as "Ooh, Mr Mayor" and "You Renegade Vamp" now presents Ballads to the Buffy Big Bads #4 "If I Were A Robot" about the nastiest of nerdboys.

Aaaand now I have a new internet crush.
Love it (and her).
LOL... greatness. Extremely creepy though.
I like it a lot. She has managed to give the song a good and rather sad or melancholic tone which is very appropriate when it comes to the whole Warren-robot-building-thingy.
Love the song, but am I crazy in giving Jonathan credit for the time loop? Warren made Buffy pause in time right?
Dear oh dear, you may be right. I totally thought the time loop was Warren's because he was the boss of the evil geek trio. My apologies for shortchanging Jonathan on the time loop. Maybe I'll include that in the Jonathan song!
Oh, but the time-loop was the best of the three tricks wasnt it so of course Warren would take credit for it ;)

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