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December 05 2010

Brian White talks Cabin and Joss to 411mania. "I wanted to do it for three big reasons; Joss Whedon, Joss Whedon, Joss Whedon."

He's currently starring in Men of a Certain Age on TNT.

Seems like a nice dude with good intentions, but this made me slightly uncomfortable:
The third discipline is spirituality. We work with church groups, temples, making sure kids have not necessarily organized religion but some sort of spirituality in their lives, a connection to something above and beyond themselves.

Yes, let's make sure that kids have a world view that includes things that can't be demonstrated to exist.
There's nothing new or unusual about this kind of statement, but it does seem to imply that children who don't want an invisible friend to project themselves onto are somehow incomplete.
That's kind of an awful way to look at children, regardless of how good the intentions are.
I'm not saying White's a bad guy, but in this context he's harmfully confused.
If he wants to be spiritual, fine, that's his own personal thing, but the idea of "making sure" that kids are spiritual too, is frankly disturbing.

Aside from that, seems like a nice dude.
Eh, I still think that basically sounds like it could be new-agey approaches to "spirituality" too. You know, sort of like a couple of lines from Firefly or Serenity where Book lectures Mal "Why when I talk about belief, why do you always assume I'm talking about God?" in conjunction with "I don't care what you believe in, just believe in it."

I think it's the idea that spirituality must be a factor in guilt tripping yoof out of their solipsistic states and get involved/connected to community outside of their own little worlds? At least I'm inferring that given his specific inclusion of temples beyond just church groups. (I am bad at keeping track of that sort of thing, that term "temple" would/could include synagogues and Buddhist places of worship but are there any other major groups that self-ID their centers by that name? ...Other than Satanists and those Greek mythos revivalists?)
I didn't even mention God. Spirituality can be a ton of things, yes, including new-agey beliefs, but the implication of White's statement is the same: That children who don't want to be any kind of spiritual, need to be changed.
Meh, one component of a voluntary charity involves spirituality. The way White phrased that may have been a little disturbing but I really doubt that they're forcing spirituality on anyone.
I think you're reading into it too much. Its just a way to keep kids out of trouble. I doubt he's tying them up and making them read religious texts.

Edited to talk about something actually Whedon-relevant. Why oh why can't someone buy this movie from MGM. By the time we see this movie it'll have dated references lol.

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To add to the Whedon-relevant discussion: IMDb says the movie will be released on January 14th in the UK. Anyone know if there's an actual source for that or is IMDb just pulling a release date out of their ass?
That's one reason three times.
From what I can tell, Brian White only acted in the film. He isn't in a position such as producer, where his other activities would have any effect on distribution, deals, etc. re CITW. I think it's great he extolled the films' virtues, which pretty much every major actor in the film has as well. {{WHINES}} I wanna see it!
Anyone who has that much respect for Joss and his genius has my heart. :)
Is anybody else creeped out by whatever was done to Mr. White's eyes for that photo?

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