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December 06 2010

10 One-Season TV Wonders. Obviously our favourite band of space cowboys makes the list.

Man, I always forget about the existence of Jack & Bobby. That was such a great show... from what I remember, which is only that I liked tuning in to watch it each week.
Freaks & Geeks and Undeclared for the absolute win. Judd Apatow is god.
What - no Brimstone?

I have to agree that it's a shame that there was no mention of Brimstone, but then there is no way you can do justice to a list of one-season wonders with only ten slots available. I mean, Earth 2? Space: Above and Beyond? American Gothic? Not to mention spinoff series such as Highlander: The Raven, The Lone Gunmen and the tragically cut short Crusade. So many amazing stories that will never be properly told.
I was sad Wonderfalls didn't make the list.
Besides Firefly, F&G, and Undeclared... it is kind of a lame list. No Wonderfalls or My So-Called Life? Really weird.
This list keeps getting recycled - I think it's been posted before.
Really can't believe Wonderfalls didn't make the cut I still watch that show on dvd every couple of months. "Poor Bitch"
I'll make the obligatory mention of The Inside. I think that's my favorite show nobody's heard of. To this day my mind is boggled at how it wasn't a huge hit. Seems like it would appeal to everyone with its Law & Order/CSI procedural aspect, mixed with Minear's amazing everything else.

yEah, Brimstone and Wonderfalls should be there, side by side with Kindred: The Embraced.
Yes, very odd not to include My So-Called Life. And Undeclared shouldn't be on this list it's just a pale echo of Freaks & Geeks.
Huh? Undeclared has nothing in common with F&G other than a few cast and crew. How is it a pale echo? From the tone, to the scope, to the humor, to the format, it's a completely different show.
Hugely happy to see "The Adventures of Brisco County Jr." make the list. Among the best one Season sci-fi/western's ever to air on Fox Friday at 9pm. ;)

Nice to see that someone else out there remembers "Relativity". Definitely would have liked to see some others make the list, but I'm happy for those that did.
I liked Undeclared more than Freaks & Geeks!

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