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December 06 2010

David Boreanaz guest stars on Family Guy. The Christmas Special Episode.

If he appears as a figment of Stewie's imagination, I very much approve! ;)
Oh my God, that's a quality gag.

Highlander, he's in the YouTube promo trailer.
It's okay, I still love you David.
I assumed this was a voice appearance, but I see I was wrong. Wierd. I of course, will be watching.
Family Guy is SO funny, I can't wait to see this.
Okay, have actually watched the preview now, and that was pretty hilarious/awesome, because that's exactly where my mind goes every time I hear/think/say the phrase "aurora borealis". And now my mental segue is onscreen. Bahaha. It's just too bad it's in a show I can't stand. But still, paradox. Even more so because he appears as his real life self, just like Stewie appeared in his cartoon form in Bones. The only thing keeping the universe from imploding at this point is that it's a reference to David, not Booth.
Well, it's clearly a fair trade.

Hilarious gag, too. The "Road to..." eps. were always Family Guy's best.
Hehe, had a chance to watch the trailer now! Funny! :)
Ugh. I love David, but I hate Family Guy with a passion. I also was very annoyed when Stewie showed up on Bones. It felt like extremely gratuitous advertising to a show that, in my opinion, has about as much merit as Rupert Murdoch with a cheese grater on his head.

Actually... I don't know if that analogy makes any sense. Would Rupert Murdoch with a cheese grater on his head have merit?
Giles_314 I know I'd certainly like to see Murdoch with a cheese grater on his head, it'd be entertaining if nothing else.

I love Family Guy and this joke definitely made me laugh my butt off so can't wait to see if there are any other David references in the episode... you know they couldn't have left it at just that

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