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December 06 2010

Serenity: The Shepherd's Tale Q&A with Zack Whedon and Chris Samnee. As conducted last week in Portland, Oregon.

My handful of photos from the event are here.
Awesome. Thanks for the photos, b!X. Love the one with Chris Samnee dancing. And the one with the obligatory Jayne hat.

I think it's funny how awkward it is at the beginning with the profile camera angle.

I would love an Inara comic and have been saying that for, like... ever. And I think this would be the perfect team to do it. Zack's writing is just terrific, and I loved Chris's art.

Dr. Horrible 2... no time soon, but it will happen. So, yeah. The status is still quo.

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Zach looked so nervous. I'm assuming he doesn't do stuff like that much. :P

But yea. Glad for Dr. Horrible 2. Maybe after Avengers Joss will pick up more fans and there will be a surge in the popularity.
So far this gift-giving season I've given three The Shepherd's Tales, which is one measure of literary awesomenity.
So they totally cut out my question. Boo!

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