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December 06 2010

Eliza Dushku no longer starring in "Bird Dog" pilot for TNT. According to her Facebook page - "Hey guys! News to report~ We have mutually & AMICABLY decided to part ways on "Bird Dog" due to creative differences. No worries/fears/tears!"

From what little I have read about the project it seemed decidely cliched and generic anyway so am quite pleased! With any luck something much better will come along.
What is Bird Dog?
I was remaining cautiously optimistic, but I have less reason to even follow this pilot production now. I wonder if the producer skills she gained from Dollhouse helped her decide that this project wasn't for her. Hmm.

RayHill, a Father/Daughter buddy cop show. Kinda.
I was so happy for the idea of Eliza on TV again but I have to admit I'm glad she's free to look for something better.
Happy that this is the result, I would like to see her as less of an authority figure and more of FAITH SPIN OFF!! Ahem, so that's never gonna happen, but hope to see her lovely visage on my screen soon, on any screen to be honest.
In all honesty is a Faith spin-off that impossible? Wasnt Minear mentioned as a show runner with Joss less involved? Looks like his dance card is regrettably clear-kismet? Yeah probably not but I can dream, I can right?
Tim is working on Chicago Code last I checked. Busy busy man.
He could be busier, you know, like with a FAITH SPIN OFF!
jtabrys is correct, it can't be that impossible, can it?! Joss has minimal input, it would easily take a year to prep for thus Joss is nearly finished with Avengers, Chicago Code would be all go, so we have some wiggle room for everyone's(my, I don't care about anyone else) favourite resident Boston badass redemptive hero. But please no ghost Spike like what was once suggested, Faith has enough snark to not need a comic foil.
Any Faith spin-off would now have to fit in with the established Season 8 and upcoming Season 9 canon, and to be honest I don't see that as being a very workable prospect, even if you ignore all the other more obvious problems with getting the project off the ground. Not gonna happen, as much as I might wish otherwise.
As much as I love Faith (she's what made me Dushku crazy) I enjoy seeing Eliza try new projects and grow as an actress too much to want her to do a Faith spin-off.
I expect she'd bring a lot more to Faith now than she could have years ago.
...And indeed, it would be a whole new character, wouldn't it? We haven't seen Faith in years, she's over her whole evil bit, and there are plenty of other slayers running around. It would be a whole new character, with the same name. It could be great.

I remember once reading that Joss said he'd happily scrap the S8 canon if he had the chance to continue the Buffyverse in a more live action manner. Which is unfortunate but logical considering how far into the realm of fantasy S8 has gone.

I thought Chicago Code was all Shawn Ryan, didn't know Minear was involved. Clearly he was willing to do double time on Terriers and Chicago Code so maybe theres still a little Faith to be had...oh wordplay, thou art my love.
Pretty sure that was in relation to a movie, jtabrys, and even then it seemed to me like it was a 'if I really had to' kinda deal.

I think Joss must know that it would be a pretty risky move to make, asking fans to switch to a whole new format, many of them not comic book readers originally, on the basis that he was continuing the Buffyverse proper, only to later say that he had changed his mind and Season 8 was suddenly no more canon than the average fanfic. I'm certain that there are an awful lot of Buffy fans that would be quite annoyed about wasting their money on comics that they would not otherwise have bought, had it not been for the fact that they believed they were following the true continuation of the show. I tend to think, like it or not, Season 8 will stick.
I hate that Terriers has been axed, I really liked the show.
I'm not fully up-to-date with the comics, but I can imagine Faith going off in an Angel-esque manner and meeting people. The beginning of the pilot would rehash how much the world has changed and you might be able to get cameos of SMG, AH or whoever when Faith is doing some nice voice-over work. It would almost completely separate itself, with the additional option of reintroducing certain (comic-original/tv) characters when necessary. Marc Blucas could easily turn up, no? (I haven't read that Espenson Riley one-shot yet).

On another note, seeing a RL Satsu would be wildly entertaining. Ever since I first saw her, I've imagined Ellen Wong as Satsu. She's made for it.
Highlander Joss has mentioned before that S8 isn't cannon. Lets face it if you take S8 as cannon theres no way you can come back to TV or even a movie without a $100 million budget. The size of things they have done in the comics just wouldn't work going back to TV.

I've read the comics and I dont take them as cannon and would hope that if there's any TV or movie made they would ignore it completely some of its very silly and over the top. Although many may have read the comic going by sales I don't think the majority have read it so you'd be asking the majority of Buffy fans to take as cannon something they haven't read or kept up with and that alot would have problems with.

The comics are something to enjoy and get a Buffy fix from and to continue the story in some form as it is for now extremely unlikely there will ever be a film or new TV show. But I'm certain that should a miracle happened and a TV show or film get made(Joss involved) he wont take S8 as cannon. You really think Joss wouldn't want to use ASH in a Buffy film?
Speaking of Darkhorse Comics, they are starting a new Buffy comic, and as I understand it, it will take place after the end of Buffy and Angel and be canon in the Buffy world. And I understand it that way 'cause I'M WRITING IT.

Source = epic debate.

Anyhoo back to Eliza's news?
I have no idea why people don't think the comics are canon. They are.
Gossi Joss saying at the Buffy Paley event that he would scrap the S8 canon if there was a live action version doesn't give you a reason that some people think the S8 canon isn't immutable .
Simon has already asked people to return to the topic of the thread, which is definitely not Buffy S8 canon.
Wait, does the premise of this sound suspiciously similar to that of the Nurses pilot she shot and by similar I mean it's a father daughter team, not that she's a recovering adict or anything. She's already played a cop, let's see her play alongside Summer Glau in "Cameron Philips: Chronicles of a Terminator". Now that'd be an awesome show!

I like how Simon refers to himself in the third person, sounds hilarious!! I mean terrifying...
I'm not Simon! Not that there's anything wrong with that.
Sorry! Took a fleeting glance at the yellow S and just made up the rest! So sorry!!
Sunfire - "I'm not Simon! Not that there's anything wrong with that."

Hehe! ;)

gossi - "I have no idea why people don't think the comics are canon. They are."


As for Eliza leaving this project, I'm kinda glad about it because it honestly felt like a show that I would have had very little interest in watching anyway. The basic premise sounds incredibly dull and I think even Eliza would struggle to make it worthwhile viewing for me. She can probably do better.

*cough* Ghostbusters 3! *cough*

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