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December 07 2010

'I'd love to be on Glee and How I Met Your Mother' says Nathan Fillion. And make a return to One Life To Live too. The interview is a little bit spoilerish for upcoming Castle.

I would love to see Nathan on How I Met Your Mother. Please make this happen, universe.
Nathan for the mother!

(Actually I was discussing this with some friends the other day, and after much back-and-forthing we decided that Felicia Day would be the perfect choice for Ted's wife.)
We all love Fillion, but he bad mouths Beauty and the Beast around me (of course, we run in the same circles) he's going to get beasted.
Ideal situation for me: a Dr. Horrible episode of Glee directed by Joss. Here's to dreaming....
Ditto with the loving to see Nathan on HIMYM. Or Glee. Or anything, to be honest.
Castle would need a... near Castle-less episode for him to film a HIMYM episode, wouldn't it? It takes three days to film, iirc.
Just outta curiosity, was his character on the soap killed off, or re-cast in typical soap fashion ? (and did he originate the character, or was it played by another/others before Fillion ?).
Looks like seven different actors have played Joey Buchanan. Nathan Fillion was the fourth, but the first adult. And he's already been back once, I think.

"A man's Buchananity is what separates him from reptiles and lawn furniture."
Fun fact I just googled, the character ends up a preacher. I can't tell if that's more amusing from a Firefly/Serenity perspective or Buffy. Soap opera continuity seems even more confusing to me than comic book superheroes. (Granted I actually sorta followed the latter.)

It seems a little weird that they'd bring Nathan back for their big anniversary episodes when they'd had two other actors step into the role by that point. Also the new guy seems sort of young-ish but I'm not sure if part of that is the previous actors having aged in the six years since this character was on screen. That note of recognition Filion wanted sounds kind of cute though, sort of like how in the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy movie Martin Freeman sort of recognizes the robot from the 80s TV adaptation of the book.

Also I'm so amused by how many actors have fan-ficced their dream roles in Glee. While I'd love to see Filion sing again Anne Hathaway's sort of blows my mind with how novel it is.

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