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December 07 2010

Neil Patrick Harris to host the Spike VGA's. Nathan Fillion will also be making an appearance.

I'd say there is a high probability of some very witty banter between the two if it can at all occur.

I love Nathan Fillion, video games, and NPH (in that order), but I hate this. Spike's VGAs are an insult to the video game industry. Every year, the host somehow displays complete ignorance or the medium while insulting those that partake - even if they themselves game. It's like we're being condescended. Also, Nate was in Halo: Reach (the game he was nominated for) for about 10 lines of dialog.

tl;dr - Love these guys, but Spike's VGAs ruin everything they touch
Oh, and to add to OP, I believe Felicia Day was also nominated
SHouldn't they get James Marsters because, y'know, it's Spike? (I know, I know, just kidding ...)
Sigfodr, I honestly think its hard to make anything that's even remotely niche*/nerdy into something like this without it being grown-worthy. It's why I hate listening to a lot nerd-centric podcast's. People are never as well informed as yourself.

(Though Nerdist is terrific!)

*I know video games aren't niche anymore.

Also, NPH! Do a nice video game song!
NPH is appearing on @CraigyFerg Friday night, probably mostly about this. I've given up hoping for some Whedon tidbits in his interviews, he's usually very on point.

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