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December 07 2010

Several Whedon alums as Buddy TVs 100 sexiest Men. David B. comes in at #13, Daniel Dae Kim at # 60, Nathan Fillion at #19.

Go David for beating the Winchester brothers, but how on Earth is Misha Collins only at 77? And with the exception of Matthew Bomer, the top ten doesn't make any sense.
There are like 5 guys on that list I'd give a second look at. Three I'd give time of day. At least Nate Fillion was there but the rest of these guys? Really?
Here are 100 men! All of them are on TV shows! Presented in random order.

(Stop pretending that Eric is hotter than Bill, Dean and Sam are hotter than Castiel, and anyone is hotter than Angel. Seriously, people.)
Huh. Michael Raymond-James is #61?? And no Donal. That sucks. Represent Whedon men.
Heh, Kairos, I imagine it might be annoying to be a Bill-supporter in the sea of Eric-worshippers. Bill's just such a stiff sometimes that it makes him harder to like, I think. Though often his stodgy old fashioned nature is funny and/or weirdly charming...and unfortunately, sometimes looks like misogyny, in kinda the same way that racist comments sometimes slip out of my most senior family members' mouths at gatherings (you'd think they'd've dropped that shit having a well-loved Thai aunt for the past 20 years, my cousins, and a couple black dudes marrying into the family, but nope). Relic, didn't re-think/reformulate/use logic when the majority of the rest of Western society and the admittedly--thankfully--liberal media moved the fuck on.

I kinda hope it doesn't become a trope in vampire fiction to have these two types vying for the lead human(ish) female's affections (Bill is to Eric what Angel sorta was to Spike--not in age differences, siring order--the two TB characters are unlikely to be related at all in that regard--and period of origin, but there are at least some similarities in the way they interact and play eachother's foils). Looks-wise, y'know Moyer can rock those sideburns and sometimes cleans up nice, but the weird pasty pale-face make-up they put on him is a big turn-0ff (and I don't mind pale skin one bit). With Skarsgaard, they seem to be using his natural tone and, Might get some disagreement here, but Sam Trammel and the dude who played the decent-guy werewolf Alcide blow both male True Blood vamps outta the water (bonus points to scruffy dudes--plus Alcide was all built and whatnot).

And then there's Jessica...but yeah, I know, "Sexiest Men" right now.

Oh man, look how I sound. My only defence is that True Blood is lightyears better than Twilight (the Buffy Season 8 arc and the Stephanie Myers books/films--yes, I've seen the first couple, will probably watch the third when it hits TV, but never the books and I'll resist contributing to Mormon profits as much as possible--10% encouraged tithing and all that. Not nuts here, just don't care to contribute to their power/their ability to shape the world as they see fit, even though we're technically all free to attempt such--don't care what kind of extremist that makes me or whether it makes me a hypocrite considering my above remark about racist family members and fictional out-of-time characters).

And now for something completely shallow:

Andrew Lincoln -- yep, but helped hugely by facial hair. Does the dude who plays Shane show up on this list ? 'Cause yes to him too, but a much different "type".

Guy who plays Sam on Glee--I know he's an obvious tween draw, but...rockin' body, cute face (big lips on dudes not a bad thing, usually, IMO), and he can sing and play guitar. Win. His jock/nerd-in-training-with-average-taste (Avatar 17 times ? Really ? I know, I know, many things exaggerated on Glee) is good so far, but he needs lots more development.

Sam from Nurse Jackie, niiice (shame they dropped Mohommad from the cast after Season 1, was jarring when S2 picked up). Also (and I doubt I'll see him on there as I click through 'cause the BuddyTV columnists are pretty typical with their picks), Thor. Big bearish dudes = hot. Blonde and bearded too ? Sweet. The glass eye doesn't freak me out.

Not watching The Event, dunno if I will (mostly Lost's fault--also, still trying to stop watching network TV live), but Blair Underwood, yes. One of the many good reasons to try that first season of In Treatment, folks.

Mmm, Eddie Cibrian. Don't love him enough to check out CSI: Miami again, but have almost guilty-pleasure-bought Third Watch a few times. Just watch But I'm a Cheerleader instead. Short shorts and more than a few scenes with him gardening. I'm not sure whether he can act, forget what else I've seen him in. At least for the previously mentioned dudes, can vouch for their chops.

Jerry O'Connell, yep. One of the most enduring minor celeb likes.

Yay, Michael Pitt. Bully and Hedwig & The Angry Inch. I'd toss Rhinoceros Eyes into the recommended, but it's only okay and he's a little creepy in it.

Kenny Johnson--haven't gotten to Sons of Anarchy yet, but loved "Lem" on The Shield.

Matt Morrison, sure (singing, cute, etc), but did anyone else think he was at his best while playing sick this season ? Facial hair + messed up hair (plastic kendoll hair, especially when slicked back, meh. See also: James Marsters. Chia-head didn't hurt him as much, but how smokin' was that when he had post-Buffybot-sex hair in Season 5 and kept it for an ep or two after).

Eddie McClintock looks like he might be the guy who played Noel's gay brother on Felicity (only an ep or two, if I recall). Even if he's not, nice.

Yes on Matthew Fox (from Lost and his Party of Five days), but sick of looking at him for now.

Tom Welling, yes. Also has done a great job directing. Curious to see him outside of Smallville/in something better.

John Krasinski cute/funny, yes, but I'm sorta bored with "Jim" on The Office at this point. Still love Pam though.

Never seen any of his shows, but yes on Shane West.

Mmm, Kevin McKidd.

Ah, Jon Bernthal, that's his name (yeah, I know,, and I use it religiously, but I gotta get to work in a bit).

James Badge Dale. I will watch Rubicon. Soon as AMC puts it back on OnDemand. Maybe next summer.

Michael Raymond-James--could've done with a lot more of Rene and his ridiculously hot Cajun accent on True Blood, but at least I still have Terriers to watch.

Hey, Skeet Ulrich. On yet another Law & Order. Instead of on Miracles Season 7. :(

Puck...don't even get me started on Puck/Mark Salling. Is his solo stuff any good ?

Daniel Sunjata...really should watch the rest of Rescue Me, only saw the first season. There were other awesome-looking dudes on that show (no surprise--firefighters), like the dude who played Shawn. Don't spoil me, I don't know who lives and dies.

Will watch Human Target, no matter how unresolved it might be. Mark Valley = must. Great leading man material, no clue why he isn't more visible in film and such.

Made it through just over half, the top 40-something'll have to wait until after work.
I'm not exactly a Bill supporter, since I don't care enough about True Blood to root for Sookie's affections going one way or another. I just think he's got an unusual look and demeanor for a vampire heartthrob, and the actor nailed it.

Twilight's not going to get a lot of support from anyone who frequents this board, I think, but given that the Church of LDS is not out to increase its power and shape the world any more than a spiritual/social organization of any kind is, I think there are far better reasons to avoid Stephenie Meyer's work.
Don't watch enough TV to have ever seen half of these guys, but Nathan should have been way higher on the list (DB I've never found appealing).

Alex O'louglin should have been #1, but #2 will do ;) Also yes! to Joshua Jackson and Blair Underwood and Peter Kruase.
Whilst I would probably do a lot of switching around of most of who they've chosen, I can't argue with #1. Ian Somerhalder is hot. And I love his character in TVD.
Christopher Gorham (aka James from I Only Have Eyes For You) is also on the list at #37. And Shane West (#71) makes a brief cameo in Go Fish as Sean.

No 1. for Ian Somerhalder? Oh my goodness yes.
Hmm, apparently I'm *really* picky. After clicking through the lot there are four that I find vaguely appealing: Kyle Chandler, James Callis, Brian Austin Greene and Jon Hamm.
What could be more subjective than a list like this? I can tell by the names other people are citing how varied our tastes are.

I'd have David B. and Nathan, but also James Marsters (Caprica), and William Shatner (Raw Nerve.) Many of the names I are people I wouldn't look at twice (Alex O'Loughlin). There's a lot more to sexiness than how defined ones abs are.

But again, subjective.

Okay, I went through the list and I'll give them Taye Diggs. I'm surprised who isn't there - Naveen Andrews, Michael C. Hall, Stephen Moyer...

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I'm a sucker for lists of any kind, but one with men to ogle? I'm soooo there!

~Misha Collins: He doesn't get enough atention so yay on this.
~James Badge Dale: Yes. Yes. YES.
~Matthew Fox: I'll admit, I didn't get the appeal of Foxy until that horrible S3 episode, Stranger in a Strange Land. From then on, I was smitten. S5 Jack, with grey temples and twinkly eyes makes me melt.
~Michael Raymond-James: Just looking at the picture made me want to remove some clothing so that's obvs a win.
~Mark Salling: He gets my shallow vote. He's just so damn pretty.
~James Callis: Haven't watched Eureka (please don't revoke my nerd card!) but if the sensuality he brought to BSG is present then I concur.
~Jeffery Donovan: The fact that his sexiness can make me forget he was arrested for DUI (decidedly unsexy) is saying something.
~Harry Shum Jr.: I have a weakness for dancers. In the words of one Alexander Lavelle Harris: "Oooh, bendy".
~Joel McHale: Funny is sexy.
~Taye Diggs: The face. The body. The charisma. And he sings! Swoon!
~Justin Chambers: Don't watch Grey's anymore but he was always my fave.
~Ryan Kwanten: Duh.
~Nathan Fillion: My numero uno :D
~Jensen Ackles: The ultimate travesty. He should be in the top 5, at least.
~David Boreanaz: He lost a bit of his appeal when the whole cheating bastard story came out, but you can't deny that he's magnetic on screen.
~Alexander Skarsgard: I've already asked Santa for Eric Northman this year :)
~Joshua Jackson: My Pacey :) He's beautiful.
~Alex O'Laughlin: As long as he's prepetually shirtless, I'm good to go.
~Ian Somerhalder: Loved him since Life As A House, but he would not rank in my Top Ten, let alone the top spot.

In closing, I'm not sure Buddy TV knows the difference between "attractive" and "sexy". Plenty of those men are nice to look at, but only a select few (okay, more than a few) are actually sexually attractive, IMO.

P.S. I may have spent too much time thinking about this :/
One of the Winchester boys should be number one on that list, although I DO love the guy at number one too, but JA? Uh huh, the boy is beautiful! In a manly way! David B? Should have been a lot higher.

ETA...Elliot Stabler should be on that list. In the top 10 at least.

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