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December 08 2010

A call for papers - spotlight on Joss Whedon. "[It] will have two major components: feature articles that zero in on an important aspect of Whedon's work and a series of "Joss Whedon 101" articles that will introduce newcomers to each of his individual projects". If you're interested in writing an essay then head over to PopMatters to find out more.

I think I might actually try my hand at this.
No love for Sugarshock, again =(
That may have been an oversight.
"Pitch Deadline: 10 January 2010."

Guessing that's an error.
Guess who'll try to write a Spike essay?

It is highly unlikely that it will be published, since I can't even write well in my native language, but I will give it a try.
Principle photography has commenced on the new Marvel Studios superhero epic, The Avengers, directed by one of pop cultures greatest creative talents, Joss Whedon.

When did this happen?
I might try this. The semester's nearly killed me already, but since it's already in my field of study, it wouldn't hurt to potentially have something to put on my resume. A glutton for punishment am I. ;)
I'm probably going to try this. It would be nice to actually write an essay on something I care about. ;)
I'm surprised they're inviting papers on works that haven't been released or don't actually exist yet. I don't supposed they'd appreciate a paper on the Avengers where I pretend I'm writing it from the future. Cause that's all I got on that.

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