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December 08 2010

Firefly cited as influence for Epic Games' "Bulletstorm". Cliff Bleszinski mentions Firefly as an inspiration for the next game from the creator of Gears of War.

Once upon a time, there was talk of a Firefly MMORPG. (Not by EpicGames, by some other company whose name I don't have on hand.) Did that die, is dying, or is it still in development?

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It died. Clashes between 20th Century Fox (Firefly) and Universal (Serenity) over copyright or something like that. The same lot were supposed to be making a Buffy MMORG as well but there's been no word on that in a long time.
So like the protagonists of Gears Of War the heroes here are meant to be Jayne-level unlikeable psycho meatheads? That explains a lot.

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From what I've seen of this game, I wouldn't expect the influences are really the things that make Firefly great. I'm guessing the main inspiration comes from the kicking in the engine moment (replace engine with a giant cactus plant.)

Despite not thinking much of Epic, particularly Bleszinski, after many disparaging things they have said about PC gaming (Epic were massive long before Gears, but they seem to have forgotten that) this still looks like some mindless fun.

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