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December 08 2010

(SPOILER) Spike #3 is out today. Brian Lynch continues the story of Spike and co. in Las Vegas. Discuss.

I was really tired when I read this issue. Gonna have to go over it again. Was sad to see that Urru only did the cover and not the art inside. It was Urru-ish, but not. When I go over it again, I'll post my thought(s).
I don't have my issue yet but I can not wait to get it. This is another reunion fans have been riled up to see for a long time. Dru is such a complex and interesting character, it will be great to get her back in Spike's story.
It was a good issue although we don't get a lot of insight yet on John other then he's killed many vamps waiting to get to Spike.

We learn in this issue that Angel sent Groo as backup for Spike.Groo warned that Spike best not mock him and show him some respect.Spike naturally mocks Groo,his battle cry ofcourse.

Drusilla is all over this issue.It's Beck and George who meet up with her first thinking they're rescuing her from the Wolfram & Hart building.The meeting is a blast fro George and I mean that literally.When he tries to read Dru,he the feedback knocks him out.

The Spike/Dru reunion happens at the end of the issue.
Franco didn't draw this issue either?

So disappointed.
I agree that the art was definitely not up to Franco Urru's (very high) standards. The Spike/Dru reunion would have worked better if drawn by Urru! And now I'm all worried about Betta George (at least she didn't bite him, I guess Dru doesn't like sushi).
Not that big a fan of Urru, his art is not really my taste. But i do prefer him to Zanni- who i think did this issue. In truth i've liked Urru a lot better in the Spike series, it's more suited. I never liked it in After the Fall. With that being the case, i kinda hope there is a different artist to do the Angel ongoing series and the Spike mini series.

WOAH! i posted this without finishing the comic, there gets to a point maybe about 10 pages in where the artwork in my oppinion goes weird and looks odd. almost as if a different artist did the 9 pages before hand. DID ANYONE ELSE NOTICE THIS! Okay i want Urru BACK!
Also did anyone else notice on page 13 (I think) where the Panel border does not match up with the black border of the page. Anyone... Anyone?

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