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December 08 2010

Serenity screenings this week in North Carolina and Minnesota. There's one today in Raleigh, NC and then in Minneapolis, MN on Friday & Saturday.

Colony Theatres
5438 Six Forks Road, Raleigh, NC 27609, (919) 856-0111
8:00pm Thursday

Landmark Lagoon Cinema
1320 Lagoon Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55408, (612) 825-6006
11:55pm Friday and Saturday Just noticed this one today.

Nice to always see that this keeps happening!

ARGH!!! I'm a member of NC Browncoats and I've been to the last two Serenity screenings there. :( Did I miss the email?
Raleigh NC area Browncoats have been pretty consistently getting a CSTS Screening in the summer and a Cool Classic Screening in the Winter. Serenity on the big damn screen twice a year is a very good thing!
Ah, a midnight Serenity screening at the Lagoon?! I might have to go Saturday night. Hm.

Are you a member of the NC Browncoat group because there have been some posts there:

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