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December 09 2010

Fringe moves to the Friday night death slot, first episode of 2011 to be titled "Firefly". An inside-joke that we understand all too well.

If Joss Whedon fans understand one thing, it is that when a show on Fox moves to Friday night, cancellation is nigh. Of course there is is no better example of this than Firefly, which as we all know was canceled after only 11 episodes had aired. So when it was announced that Fringe would be moving into the dreaded Friday night death slot mid-season, fans of the show immediately felt that the show was in danger. However the show's producers have decided to do something rather clever by titling that first episode to air on Friday night, "Firefly". An obvious tongue-in-cheek nod to perhaps the most famous show to fall peril to cancellation during that time slot.

Fringe returns Friday, Jan. 21 @9PM EST with special guest star, Christopher Lloyd. Great Scott!

a clever title or thumbing their nose at fans of both shows?
I find this really quite amusing, since as a word, "Firefly" fits quite easily into the world of Fringe. Also, I made this intending to do something with it, but have no idea what or how.
Yes, that was a fun jab, I really LOLed when I read that. Unfortunately, I don't think the Fox executives are intelligent enough to understand it.

If they cancel Fringe, too, I think I'll just give up on TV series in general. There is no point, since anything that is halfway intelligent and interesting will just get thrown out anyway and replaced by a reality game show. You get better entertainment from comics and computer games these days -- no wonder WoW has all those subscribers.
Unlike a lot of past canceled shows in Friday's, Fringe has a consistently loyal audience. If the numbers don't take a huge drop, it will hopefully be back next year. This is one of the best shows on TV currently and I would hate to see it canceled halfway through the creators' 6 year vision.
I tried to get into Fringe at the beginning and watched maybe half a dozen episodes, but switched it off when it became torture porn, IMO. My husband and I looked at each other and said, "Why are we watching this?"

I couldn't stand the gore, and the fact that the old guy was a master of every science known to man, and that every bizarre occurence (story of the week) always happened in Boston.

Did it get better? If it did, I'll give it another chance when it comes out on DVD.
It got hella better, Amrita.
Yes, I think it is very good and worth watching. Before this season I was watching more because my friends were than anything. Before this season, it was sort of 'eh' and not as good as X-files.

It has definitely gone from 'eh' to pretty brilliant, with a lovely continuing storyline ala Lost and a big interest in character driven plotlines and character development. And also now it has no resemblance to X-files.
"Hella better," indeed. Fringe is currently the best genre show left standing. It went from wildly uneven, often slight storytelling to a compelling, ever-deepening mythology of epic scope. And it can be exhilarating, hilarious, and deeply moving - all in the same episode. I really hope it gets to stick around and finish what it started.
Amrita, Fringe gets a lot better with the season one's finale where it basically states where the series is going and as others mention really set up the whole show's mythology. Then the strange thing of the week all links up to the overall storyline.

The second season was absolutely great, and then they have turned everything on it's head producing a 3rd season that was nothing like the 2nd. Can't explain beyond that without giving away major spoilers. Another Whedon comparison would be Buffy, where they were still trying to figure stuff out with the first season and really set things up for later seasons.

The success of genre shows like True Blood and now the Walking Dead give me hope that there's life on the cable side of things that perhaps one day Joss will return to tv doing a cable show. (However, I'm hoping to see him do some more internet based self-financed stuff first).
The fact that Fringe is still on the go gives me some semblance of hope for US prime time networks. It is a really good show and I would loved to have seen John Noble get nominated for 'Peter' as he was fantastic in that episode.
Imo, Fringe definitely got better about 1/3 of the way through S1. I found the pilot mediocre and then the subsequent Episodes to be pretty bad. But I had little else to watch those nights and so left the TV on while using my computer. Somewhere around Ep 8-9 it hit me, "Hey, it sounds like this show has started to get decent!" While I wouldn't count it among my favorite shows ever, imo it's pretty good, and among the better Network shows currently on.
The reality is that should Fringe carry most of its audience with it, it will qualify as a Friday hit for FOX.

I also find it hysterical that we link to a TV Squad piece which is merely a reference to a Blastr piece which itself got all its information from the HitFix piece.

It should also be noted that nowhere in that chain of stories is it reported that this is an intentional joke. That comes solely and entirely from Blastr making that assertion despite the fact that the HitFix piece it uses never firmly establishes anything of the kind.

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@ The One True b!X,

Regarding Fringe carrying it's audience with it. That's definitely true, but I believe that in Fox's history, they have never successfully moved a show to Fridays (either in the middle, or at the beginning of the Season) and seen it survive. Afaik, X-Files & Millenium were the only successful Fox Friday shows in the Network's history. I'd love to see Fringe buck that trend, but I'm doubtful that that will happen.
I'll second/third/fourth the "it's gets better" sentiment. We started watching it on DVD with the benefit of reviews that said that while it was initially weak, after the 6th or 7th episode it really picks up, and I'm really glad we stuck with it. John Noble and the writing for his character(s) is absolutely amazing. The guy starts out as the classic bumbling professor/mad scientist caricature, but as you learn more about Walter's history and his relationship with Peter, you realize that his story is really a tragedy at a Shakespearean level. Why he hasn't been nominated for an Emmy is beyond me.
I can't see it weathering the friday night storm, to be honest. The show will be off air until Feb, and it's doubtful they will spend much $ to advertise the move. Regardless, all the remaining episodes in the order will air.

Also, what BrewBunny said.
Thanks for answering my question. Sounds like it started getting good right after we stopped watching. I'll give it another chance sometime.
I've been watching it from the beginning because I have a tendency to drop shows before they get real good. Lost, the other loosely-connected JJ show, being the other. There was a marked improvement around the mid-point of season 1, but that only really shows how awkward the show was before that point. Then I started it enjoying and for a good long while the cases were much fun ("Ah, disgusting monster, Good ol' Fringe") in Season 2. Again, there was another turning point mid-season in terms of quality which leads us up to where we are now - Season 3; a full of mythology show. A lot of season 1 and 2 struggled tying the mythos in with the procedural aspect. The X-Files had individual mytharc stuff, Fringe doesn't so almost every episode really helped to paint the world -- for the benefit of where we are now, imo.

No idea if it can survive though. It's an v. interesting case. My geek is saying three seasons is an awkward number to end on, so four would be magical. :p
This is my favorite show on television right now. So I will also say it definitely got better. Every episode seems to get better than its predecessor. If you left it early, I highly suggest getting the dvds or blurays and checking it out. It is definitely worth it. I'd suggest getting hulu plus just to watch all the eps of this season so far if you enjoy the second season. The third goes even better than the second.
Amrita: Oh, does it ever get better.

I understand your feelings, though. Fringe started off as an X-Files clone, and I was pretty "meh". Then, I realized that The Observer was in every single episode, and they were giving hints every single time of what the next episode would be, and it sounded like, OMG, they have a plan!

And did they ever have a plan.

Fringe gained a whole new dimension (pun intended) of complexity every season. By now, it has so much background story that you'll want to go back and watch it from the beginning, and afterwards read up on the internet about all the stuff you missed (usually I can't find The Observer). It's worth it. The characters are superb, especially when you get to see -- well, no spoilers.

There are some things that do bother me. One is the fake science -- I clench my teeth at some of the stupid stuff. But okay, I'll swallow it for the sake of the show. The third season is still going, and I already can't wait to see what they do for the fourth.

If, er, there still is a fourth.

EDIT: I second the Emmy for Walter. But we know all about the Emmy here, don't we ...

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According to EW, the episode title "Firefly" indeed is a nod to that series, but of course was written long before the move to Fridays was known.

Yours forever, The Enthusiasm Crusher
Let's see if any of the characters wears a brown coat ...
That didn't crush my enthusiasm, but it did reassure my sense that the universe really enjoys its little jokes.
Or Nathan Fillion plays The Observer and does a big wink to camera.
Different network, different show...


Smallville moved to Friday, and not only survived, but made it a plus. TV land is changing, no doubt. If a show could make this work on Fox, it would be FRINGE
Or Nathan Fillion plays The Observer and does a big wink to camera.

I think that's called CASTLE.
Dollhouse got a second season. (And people had "Save Dollhouse" petitions going before it even entered PRODUCTION.) (Which was of course massively unhelpful, for what it's worth.)
I saw Firefly. Who else saw Firefly? Eheeeeee.
Firefly is in it's ninth season in the other universe.

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"Firefly is in it's ninth season in the other universe."

Damn. And I've lost my electronic thumb. Hey, anyone want to carpool to E-space? I'll bring snacks...

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So, presumably it's safe to say that the episode "Firefly" has something to do with the Firefly Railway seen at the start of tonight's episode?
If I could travel between worlds I'd grab all those seasons of Firefly that never were. Maybe in that universe shows developed by Joss Whedon don't always get the short end of the stick.
I laughed when I saw the news and then cried because the show's cancellation just seems so... imminent. *clings to Fringe*

The show definitely got better. I promised myself I won't touch another JJ show without a ten-foot pole after what happened to Alias, and the show was definitely gory and disgusting but when they finally got to the mythology, everything just got so better.

John Noble and Anna Torv deserve Emmys for the third season. I always forget the alternate characters are being played by the same actors. Walternate scares the crap out of me and Alt!Liv's just... perky and happy.

I'm awaiting for episodes entitled "Dollhouse" and "Terminator"... although there's a sort-of Dollhouse vibe going on with one ep-- several people got their memories wiped when listening to a certain frequency. I kept waiting for the victims to ask, "Did I fall asleep?" lol.
They *cannot* cancel Fringe, it's the only show on my "can't miss" list (which makes it not-a-list, I guess), now that Mad Men is on hiatus & they canceled Rubicon.

And yes, it got *way* better, as has been noted - IMO about halfway into season 2. Or whenever the real arc kicked in, when each ep began to carry forward elements of the continuing story.

EF: spoilers

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Way to make my stomach lurch, Fox. If Fringe wasn't SO great, I'd be worried, but if any show can make this transition - it's Fringe. I'd hope Fox would move Fringe off Friday night before they would cancel it - that is if common sense ruled - but then again......
I'm not thrilled, since the last time I thought a show did a a title homage (CSI episode Doctor Who) it really was disppoiting. :(

Shey, Don't you mean Bolivia?

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