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December 09 2010

Gift ideas for the ten major species of science fiction fan. Just call us Species #5.

And I'm definitely putting the Fruity Oaty Bar Bobblehead Set on my Wishlist.

I want one of those Cthulhu ski masks. Just because.
As usual, sci-fi anime fans are discluded. Meh.
Why does every site insist on calling Dollhouse "flawed" and similar things? Honestly, I think that, by the end of it, it tells the most complete story of any of Whedon's shows. Buffy and Angel cannot be seen as one story arc, they are a collection of arcs with underlying themes. Firefly was amazing, but it was not a story arc as much as a band of people surviving. Dollhouse is one story, and a great one at that. Just my thoughts...I'm sick of Dollhouse being treated as the red-headed step child of Whedon shows.
That Garden Zombie is pure AWESOME.
I'm species 3, 4, 5, and 8. Lots of options for me! Hah.
Is it weird that I find the garden zombie adorable?
3, 4, 5, 7 and 10. Get shopping. :)
Almost wish I was into bikes so I'd have an excuse to get that Tron helmet. I cycle quite a bit in the summer, are motorcycle and bicycle helmets interchangeable, safety-wise ? They warn that it'll be expensive, but I've seen custom helmet design jobs online. With a bit of creativity and some cash to burn, you could probably copy/make your own.

I've never even seen the original Tron (weird considering what a Disney fan I was/sometimes still am), but my buddy's gonna see if he can nab a rental on blu-ray soon, so maybe I finally will. Don't care how cheesy and mediocre the original apparently is to most people, I always thought pictures of it made it look kinda cool when I was little and I wanna have the appropriate background for the new one. It looks like some awesome bit of flash. Didn't know Daft Punk was providing the soudtrack/score, that ups the appeal hugely. Being written by two of the writers/producers from Lost...dunno about that aspect. Would have to look up which episodes they wrote and whether they're bringing their A-game here (and as long as the film doesn't end in .

I sooo want to read Crossed, have since I saw the solicitations for the first few issues...picked up the trade in the comic shop a couple times. Loved what little I've read of Garth Ennis' ouvre (besides The Pro, really just all the other stuff he wrote for Image back in the `90s. The first arc of The Darkness, the Medieval Spawn/Witchblade mini-series, etc...half the stuff I read in the `90s, once I got sick of Marvel, was T&A/modern fantasy stuff, occasionally well-written, but usually not, and both Garth Ennis and Warren Ellis dabbled in all that before moving on to better creator-owned material--though Ellis is more about sci-fi than fantasy). I'm worried Crossed will ruin me for every other comic in the zombie/survival horror genre that I've yet to get to. Due to the horror and the extreme gore (it's on the covers, you don't even need to look inside the comics). I need to be in the right mood for it too.

Would like to check out some Dr. Who eventually (I saw half an ep with the current Doc, but it doesn't count/I was kinda lost).

I'm a bit of a 4 (Trek fan), completely a 5 (Whedon), and only a 6 (zombies) and 7 (vamps) for the decent stories that're occasionally told featuring those monsters. I've been sick of vamps for over a decade to be honest and aside from The Walking Dead, am annoyed that Hollywood and comic books overdid the zombie thing, but good storytelling always wins out over genre fatigue.

Really need to read some more Lovecraft. His influence is everywhere, from the Buffyverse to the explosion of comics adapting or spinning off from his stories and concepts. Dunno what the draw is exactly (people like squid-y deities ? Deities that're cold/uncaring and view humans as nothing more than ants ? Something in the hopelessness of his stories that appeals to a particular kind of horror fan?). I think, aside from an episode or two of the Real Ghostbusters cartoon and the Old Ones concept in Buffy, Neil Gaiman's werewolf story (or werewolf-featuring, at least, not particularly about lycanthropes) Only The End of the World Again was my first significant exposure to Lovecraft.

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I want that Jayne shirt... and the Mos Eisley poster. :)
Hulu is recommended for streaming all the Whedon shows (except the last season of Dollhouse.) Netflix does, too! Along with all the New Who (except the Matt Smith season), vast swaths of Old Who, Torchwood, Red Dwarf, Xena, Mystery Science Theater 3000, Farscape, & countless hours more of genre shows--plus other stuff.

I'm in favor of supporting favorite shows by purchasing DVD's--& getting commentaries & special features. Still, it's convenient to just use my little Roku's remote to point & click. (Still don't have a big HD TV. Santa, I've been very good!)
I sooooo want that Tron helmet! And the Cthulhu hat for cold days to wear under the Tron helmet, and the Enterprise pizza cutter, and a pony, and a plastic rocket...
And a Red Ryder BB Gun?
Ever since Topher's birthday party on 'Dollhouse' I've been wanting the Boba Fett hoodie, greatest cross over Christmas gift ever!

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